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NBA 2K10 Review (PS3) - 746 NBA5

NBA 2K10 Review (PS3)

Get Ready for NBA 2K10’s Slam Dunking 10th Anniversary

2K Sports proudly presents its 10th NBA 2K instalment with a gold banner behind the franchise name saying ‘Tenth Anniversary Edition’. In the past, the franchise has been praised for its second to none basketball simulation but not without its flaws. Will the new instalment persuade fans to pick up another annual copy? Or will it sit on retail shelves with nothing but minor updates since 2K’s last release?

NBA 2K10NBA 2K10 has the most stunningly detailed visuals seen in a basket ball game for more over 2 years or perhaps on this generation of consoles. Unlike EA’s NBA live franchise with shining plastic characters 2K10 has the smoothest transition between character animations and the best attention to detail when it comes to character models seen in awhile.

The frame rate is consistent but not great on the Playstation 3, while cut scenes compliment its televised programming with teams entering the court and consecutive commentary, often talking about players career highlight which is quite intriguing.

The first thing you’re going to notice firing-up NBA 2K10 is the daunting menu system. Players will often come across things in the most unexpected places. For any newbie to the series this is very confusing with no sense of direction of what you’re looking for at times.

Defending is still difficult in 2K10 but none the less rewarding when you actually capitalize on the ball. A new feature executed into the gameplay is a stamina bar which will restrict you from sprinting your way through the whole match.

Without a doubt one thing you must remember is that this game is a basket ball simulation which is going to take practice to master, so you’re not always going to have the outcome you want.

The newest addition to the vast amount of modes is ‘My Player’, where you can create a player from scratch with some in depth creation tools to become a star in the NBA.

This game is a basket ball simulation which is going to take practice to master

In order to reach the NBA you have to carry out a number of team play objectives. You are also assessed by letter ratings on your match up performance. These letter ratings are quite harsh, often taking your score from C to F, even if the opposition scored and it was out of your hands to stop them doing so.

An implemented feature you’ll either love or hate is the slow progressing attribute system. At first I found this mode to be quite difficult, but given a chance you’ll see that there’s quite a lot of thought and depth put into this mode. There’s a good length of hours in this mode that will definitely keep players at bay for time to come.

NBA 2K10Another new integration is a mode called NBA today which allows you to play all the real life games and view stats in game updated, on a day to day basis.

Looking back at last years instalment NBA 2K9, not a whole lot has changed. The general gameplay remains the same with the exception of the two new modes my player and NBA today, which possibly could have been DLC. That being said, I find it rather difficult to recommend it, then again I can only imagine true fans of the series picking up this years instalment.

The Good: Best Basket Ball sim out there; NBA today allows you to play real life matches as they are announced and updated in your game;
The Bad: My Player mode is difficult to get in the rhythm of playing; Multiplayer hasn’t been fixed since last game.; ;

NBA 2K10 NBA 2K10 NBA 2K10 NBA 2K10 NBA 2K10 

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