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Lips: Number One Hits Review (360)

Lips: Number One Hits is the latest addition for the Xbox 360’s contribution to the Console Karaoke genre.

The 40 new tracks to sing-along to range between No.1’s from a variety of decades; Blondie, Culture Club, Roy Orbison, MC Hammer, Rhianna and Sugarbabes to name just a few. So, be it an after the pub slur-along, night in with the girls, or a Sunday afternoon with the family, there is something to suit everyone.

It is as easy to customise your gameplay as the original Lips. But the annoying default mic setting still has to be changed every time you play a song for the first time, we still cannot find a way to set the default for all songs.

‘Number One Hits’ has the new feature of playing with your Xbox 360 avatar. Now when it is time to rock out mid song, you mimic your own avatars’ moves to earn more points (with your wireless motion sensitive mics). Score high to unlock exclusive new outfits for your avatar. Customise your avatar in ‘My Lips’ to change colours, check out your ranking and see your friends.

Follow the on-screen lyrics hitting the right notes as you go. The majority of the points you earn are based on matching note pitch and duration of the on screen tubes. The better you sing the higher your multiplier! Fill the yellow bar as you earn points to get Star Power and multiply your points. These points will earn you different stars and medals through out the game.

Lips: Number One HitsThe percussion feature allows up to four players; 2 singing, 2 percussion. Tap along to the beat with the additional use of the controller using the face buttons to shake your maracas, click your fingers, beat the cymbals or rattle your tambourine.

Different Play Styles include the original video, a virtual video and 3 games. Time Bomb, sing well to fill your glass with water, tilt your mic to empty the water to defuse the bomb before it blows up! Vocal Fighter, get the highest score to beat your opponent off the stage. Kiss, rack up your scores and when the timings right tilt your mic for the two on screen characters to kiss, get the timing wrong and the characters clash.

Rock out in the comfort of your own living room and battle for the best score.

You can increase your song list by: copying files from audio CD, plugging in your own USB mp3 player or linking your console to your PC through a home network. Now you’re ready to sing along to all your favourite songs!!

A feature we particularly like, is that songs we had downloaded on line with the original Lips, are playable in the Number One Hits menu. This new menu style also features songs from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Hover over each song to see how many Xbox points they cost, averaging at 160-180 points per song.

Lips: Number One HitsXBOX 360 Live brings along the option to challenge your friends, and view your ranking against the top 100.

Overall, a great game for all ages! Rock out in the comfort of your own living room and battle for the best score. As a bonus, the Lips wireless mics are also compatible with Guitar Hero Metallica and Beatles World Tour.

The Good: Great set-list means there’s somthing for everyone, mics are compatable with other music games
The Bad: Default mic setting needs to constantly be changed

Lips: Number One Hits Lips: Number One Hits Lips: Number One Hits Lips: Number One Hits Lips: Number One Hits 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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