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Red Faction Guerilla Review (PC)

Finally PC owners get to see the almighty Geo Mod 2.0 engine in action

Have you ever wandered what it would be like for a building to collapse right in front of your eyes with a sledge hammer in one hand and a satchel charge in the other?

Look no further as all your dreams of demolition will come true in Violations latest game, built on their very own engine Geo Mod 2.0; Red Faction Guerilla. To date there has never been a game which mimics lifelike demolition of buildings; with structures collapsing at the wrath of your sledge hammer.

If you missed out on the games release back in June on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, a Windows version has just been released with some additional content both offline and online. All the DLC released on the consoles have also been added to the disk, such as Demons of the Badlands which can be accessed from the main menu.

In comparison to its predecessors Violation has decided to switch the games view point from first person to third person. Simply because Violation feels players will have a better experience and view of the destruction at hand.

Have you ever wandered what it would be like for a building to collapse right in front of your eyes with a sledge hammer in one hand and a satchel charge in the other?

In Guerillas latest turn of events players take control of Alec Mason, a mining engineer looking for work in the sandbox world of Mars, a landscape mostly made of undulating terrain and buildings. Little does Alec know of what is about to transpire (without spoiling it for you) when he gets caught up with Red Faction in the fight for freedom.

Alex Mason has the task of obliterating the EDF(Earth Defense Force) them to near extinction for free will. The EDF rule the 6 sectors that make up the single player campaigns map.

Now back to knocking down buildings

After the dust settles from annihilating a structure amongst the debris, piles of scrap, known as salvage, can be used to upgrade your arsenal and ammo capacity in the single player campaign. The upgrades range from rocket launchers to larger capacity satchel charges making your experience more vigorous and exhilarating.

The mission types vary from on the fly radio reinforcements to help the rebels defend their premises to rescuing innocent lives on house arrest because of the EDF.

On a finer note the vehicles available to travel across the landscape of Mars are easily accessible. A minor flaw I found with the vehicles is the driving physics. When driving a truck I could speed as fast as any other vehicles. Whether or not this has to do with Mars atmosphere I don’t know but it’s definitely an aspect that wasn’t given much thought.

There is more than one way to take down the EDF and gain control. You can take out a key player controlling the section you’re patrolling or tear down their main posts or buildings either by detonating it or driving straight into it.

Morale is a bar at the side of the screen that determines how much the rebels (Red Faction mercenaries) like you. An advantage of this is in your time of need they make it their business to help and protect you. Get on their bad side and you’re a one man army.

Red Faction Guerilla features a 16 player multiplayer which engages players in typical multiplayer modes such as death match, capture the flag etc. An advantage for PC owners is one of the new multiplayer modes called bag man.

Red Faction GuerillaThe objective is to locate and pick up a bag. Once the player is in possession of the bag you are highlighted in green. To earn points you have to avoid being killed. Furthermore every kill made holding the bag racks up your points to a hefty sum. To increase your chance of survival it would be a good idea to search for one of the special power back packs that give you the ability to heal, have a destructive charge, jetpack or a shockwave to name a few.

Once killed by another player the bag drops and is up for grabs by anyone who wants to build up their points. As well as being played by a single player there is also a team version which proves to be much more enjoyable.

Another fascinating mode is called wrecking crew, an offline mode whereby more than one player can get involved. The objective is who can blow the most stuff up in a given time limit. This is determined by the amount of points you accumulate blowing stuff up.
Again PC owners receive additional maps for this mode not seen in the console versions.

It’s defiantly been graphically upgraded showing a crisper detailed world, with effects such as soft shadows and new lighting that displays beam of sunlight on passing objects.

Overall PC owners are getting the best end of the deal here. Although the game was released on consoles three months ago, the anticipation of the PC port lived up to my expectations. You get all the DLC console owners got and how many other maps and modes not seen before for the retail price of 29.99.

The Good: PC exclusive maps and multiplayer maps; Most realistic display of demolition seen in a video game; Endless fun in the Multiplayer modes; Play online for free ;
The Bad: Take away the demolition physics and your left with a average game; The driving ; You need a high spec PC to reach and see the games full potential;

Red Faction Guerilla Red Faction Guerilla Red Faction Guerilla Red Faction Guerilla Red Faction Guerilla 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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