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Fat Princess Review (PS3, PSN) - 678 FP5

Fat Princess Review (PS3, PSN)

Playstation 3 Exclusive “Fat Princess” Finally Hits the PSN

Titan Studios prolonged title Fat Princess hit the PSN worldwide on the 30th July 2009. Fans of the title were beginning to think the game would never see the light of day. Titan Studios response to a release date would always be its still in development and were never in a position to give the game a secure release date. But the question at this moment in time is has Fat Princess lived up to the hype? Or has the anticipation left gamers to ponder?

Fat Princess is a tactical team action game that enforces humorous yet effective gameplay mechanics unseen in past games of its genre. Give in to the Princesses demands for cake and witness her figure plump into a balloon. Making her quite a task to rescue back home, which may require up to five people to carry.

Fat PrincessThere are two teams differentiated by two colours; red and blue. Both teams have princesses who have a demanding appetite for cake as well as being locked up in opposite team’s big medieval castles.

In the mix of all this you’ll need to defend your premises and define which class you want to take on to the battlefield. You can take on the battle from the frontline as a warrior or either collate vital recourses to maintain a stable forefront for the castle as a worker. Restore the brave hearted warrior’s health on the battlefield of your teammates as a priest or unleash hell scorching fireballs as a dominating mage.

There is a story mode called Legend of Fat Princess that unravels how the cake was discovered and gives you an insight as to why the two castles kidnapped there rival princesses who are enemies and imprisoned in the opposing castles. The innocent illustrations and voice over’s are rather hilarious and keeps the fun element alive and kicking.

There really isn’t anything bad with this game at all.

Alongside that is a challenge mode called Gladiate, where you can practice each classes abilities and learn to counter attack the other classes and enemies in the game. This mode is wave after wave of fun testing your capabilities to master that class in a gladiator style coliseum conquering waves of enemies seen in your view port.

Another mode named with a self explanatory title called mess about is like a skirmish that allows you to manage the AI and customize the settings to how you want them. Get to know the maps experiencing the various difficulties and control how many people you want in a match. Gearing you up to face other opponents out there with more expertise.

The multiplayer aspect of Fat Princess has four solid game modes that go by the names of rescue the princess whereby you have to battle your way to the enemy fortress and attempt to demolish the castle gates with force ultimately carrying the Princess back to her kingdom. Strategy and teamwork is the only way you’re going to successfully complete this mode if you want to tear down the castle gates without being harassed.

Fat PrincessNext is snatch and grab, placed in either side of the screen is a picture of the 2 princesses with 3 circular water marks. The objective is the snatch the princess three times making her prisoner in your castle. Each time you do this the water mark will be filled with the princess’s face.

Following that is the regular team death match and a mode called invasion. Around the map there are little castles labelled as outposts waiting to be taken over as your property. The first team to take over more than 50% and reduce the enemy’s outpost to zero wins.

This game is so much fun to play with its cute yet cheeky attitude that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. I mean take the name they’ve replaced on the option menu of the game “Twidlly Knobs” and “Who’s Your Daddy” intended to be the games casting credits. Fat Princess really puts that depth which is void in a video game; humour and fun.

Fat PrincessThere really isn’t anything bad with this game at all. Fat Princess in actual fact is a solid tactical team action game that fulfils its purpose to its intended audience. On the upside the only appalling thing you’ll come across is the game tends to lag a lot. When your searching for a server to join you may experience that you don’t always get in to the intended server but then again name one multiplayer game that doesn’t experience these issues.

This game will keep you entertained for endless hours luring you back game after game. For what it’s worth it the wait definitely lived up to the hype and delivered arguably the best PSN game to date.

The Good: Only 12 for arguably the best PSN game to date; Choose from four character classes that have amazing abilities upgraded through out the game; Customize your own character and take him online to face the world ;
The Bad: Lag issues that could be fixed with a update ; Sore fingers and thumbs because its aggressively addictive;

Fat Princess Fat Princess Fat Princess Fat Princess Fat Princess 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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