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UFC Undisputed 2009 Review (PS3, XBOX)

Fight, Fight, Fight… and enjoy it!

Mixed martial arts are one of the big buzz sports of the current time. Be it UFC, Pride, Cage Rage or any other number of organisations, there is money to be made from mma fights. UFC Undisputed 2009 is the latest attempt to bring this unique style of event to our games consoles. Have THQ, the masters of wrestling games, been able to transfer their knowledge of sports entertainment to the world of combat sports? Read on!

It is fast, over quickly and painful. UFC Undisputed captures this brilliantly.

UFC Undisputed is not the first UFC game to grace our home games systems. There have been several, in my opinion failed, attempts in the past. They all tried to make the world of UFC into this glamorous WWE style affair.

No such trouble with UFC Undisputed! This is down and dirty fighting at its best.

So let’s start from the beginning. There are 2 main modes of play, exhibition and career. In exhibition, you choose a fighter to play as and an opponent and that’s your lot. The fun is to be had in the career mode!

The first thing you will need to do is create a fighter. There are a lot of options to alter for the physical appearance of your fighter, from face type to weight category. Where I feel it is let down is in the options available for the actual fighting styles. You get to choose from 3 striking styles and 3 grappling styles. Boxing, Kickboxing, Maui Thai and Wrestling, Judo or Brazilian Jujitsu. Once you have selected, you can not then choose particular moves from these, or combine move sets. Very disappointing.

Once you have created your fighter, you are introduced to the UFC. You have to fight to prove you are worth hiring! Once you are hired it is time to train and improve your stats! Every fight that is arranged is a few weeks away, so you have to train and rest and do sponsorship deals to improve you status with in the UFC. But be careful, if all you do is train you will have no stamina left when it comes to the fight. The entire UFC roster seems to be there, so there is no shortage of fights, whatever weight category you are in! The AI is extremely good, with your opponent displaying the traits of the real fighter and never letting up an inch on you!

UFC Undisputed 2009And so we are at the main attraction, the fight. This is where a game like this lives or dies! Starting off from standing you have at your disposal a respectable number of offensive kicks and punches. You can target face, body and legs with a range of light and heavy attacks. Each of these is easy pull of, with only the need to use the face buttons and L1 and L2 to modify the attack style. Once you are in close you are able to initiate a clinch. From here you have several options. You can pull in close and get some knees and elbows in or you can try to throw your opponent. You are also able to do several tackle style shoot takedowns, which if successful will see you on top of your opponent on the floor.

Once on the floor there are a lot of options. You can change to various mount positions, rain down a little ground and pound or try to lock up your opponent and make him submit. Once you get the hang of this, it all flows nicely, although I was little disappointed at the number of locks you can put on!

There is a lot to the controls, but as I said, as you get the hang of it, it really starts to flow and make sense. Unlike a wrestling game, there is nothing done for you, you have to fight for every move to work, just like the real thing.

I was recently told that the graphics in games are all pretty much on a par these days. And this is a game that proves that point. They are very good. The animation is superb, the fighter models are spot on, and the environments are perfect. And I would expect nothing else! Maybe the standards have changed so much that we just expect this at all times!

So is it any good. Well, yes it is! I personally practice Jujitsu and have trained with guys who do this kind of thing on a regular basis. Up until now UFC games had not really captured the thrill of this kind of event. It is not pretty to watch, there are no big fancy moves. It is fast, over quickly and painful. UFC Undisputed captures this brilliantly. This could also be its biggest problem. It may not be as accessible to the WWE generation of gamers.

For me, this is as close as it gets without actually getting hurt! If you like UFC, or you are into MMA in any way go and buy this now!!

The Good: Huge number of fighters, realistic as it gets
The Bad: Hard! Not as easy to get into as some games

UFC Undisputed 2009 UFC Undisputed 2009 UFC Undisputed 2009 

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4 4 / 5

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