Infinite Undiscovery Review (360)

If you love an hour long cutscene every ten minutes of gameplay, You’ll love this!

Where to begin? Personally, I did not enjoy playing this game at all. It lacks so much I expect from an RPG and especially one made by Square Enix, it comes no where near close to the latest Final Fantasy games which was a disappointment. I know not giving this game a good review will result in Fan Boy abuse on an unbelievable scale but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I love playing RPGs but this didn’t appeal to me.

Overall rating on this game, not fantastic

The gameplay of Infinite Undiscovery was dull and sluggish, finding yourself in many situations where you need to complete a difficult combo to do something properly without alerting every guard in the area. A good example of this is shown near the beginning of the game. You’re required to use your ally to fire an arrow at an explosive barrel. The problem is the only time you see the sequence buttons for the said move is when they appear on the screen and when they do, they don’t stay there very long. Not being one who relies on the lists for attacks and combos I remembered it and proceeded to complete the sequence of buttons to aim at the barrel – It failed and alerted a horde of soldiers of my presence!

The sequences are not entirely user friendly. From my experience of playing the game it seems to miss out some presses of the buttons, requiring you to try and complete the combo over and over again until you finally get it right. No doubt when you do every enemy around you is dead anyway after being hit by your failed attempts and random flailing of a sword.

Although the battles are fast paced and, if done correctly, the moves and combos are nicely animated, look good and deal a significant amount of damage, they eventually get very repetitive. When you consider that this is a streamlined world with only a single path to your destination, this may get you down. Yes, you read the above correctly. The world is not as open as it seems, there are areas where you can run around aimlessly killing everything in sight but other than that you’ve got a set path to follow. Now I admit that in most games you do have to follow a streamlined story but free roaming adds to the fun of the game!

Infinite UndiscoveryThe areas of the world are not that nice looking, they’re poorly built and dull for the most part, it was hardly fun and interesting for me to explore and I didn’t feel the game grabbed my attention as many others do.

On a positive note, the stories of the characters you meet within the game, whether you meet them in the beginning, middle or the end, are interesting. The characters stories add more depth to a game which lacks a significant amount of it because of everything else that is wrong. The stories of the characters pasts were possibly the only thing in Infinite Undiscovery that interested me in the slightest.

Overall rating on this game, not fantastic, some people may enjoy it, be them fanboys or those who haven’t really played anything better than this before but I for one didn’t enjoy it.

The Good: Fast Paced Battles, Decent moves and combos,Past stories of characters adds more depth to them
The Bad: Repetitive and restricted gameplay, too many cutscenes,Poorly built world to explore, Lacks actual depth for an RPG.

Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery 

3 3 / 5

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