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Football Freestyler Delivers Skills Tutorials (DS)

Jeremy Lynch demonstrates ‘Total Control’ in a series of video tutorials to launch Football Director DS.

Football Freestyler Delivers Skills TutorialsLondon, UK – 28 November 2008 – Football Director DS, the first football management game for the hugely popular Nintendo DS™, has selected Jeremy Lynch the renowned UK football freestyler who recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, to deliver a series of freestyle football skill tutorials to coincide with the launch of Football Director DS.

The most famous football freestyle skill of all time is “Around The World”, which is the second in the series, where Jeremy demonstrates how to deliver the skill using total control of the football. Designed as a step-by-step tutorial, the video enables viewers to see how simple it is to learn a new football skill.

Similar to the skills tutorial, Football Director DS is easy to grasp. The game has an intuitive, stylus-driven interface, packed with plenty of tactical and strategic depth, which allows you to take total control over each of the 92 English & Welsh Football League and Premier League teams. Football Director DS will be available in all major high street retail outlets from November 28th 2008.

In addition, Jeremy will use his “freestyle football skills” in an attempt to break the current Guinness World Record™ record attempts for:
Longest time controlling a football with the soles – 6:01 minutes
Most football rolls across the forehead – 50
Most heal juggles in a minute – 88
Furthest distance travelled with a football balanced on the head – 281.57m

The world record attempts were held at the Crystal Palace training ground this week and will appear on Soccer AM during the remainder of 2008.

“I had great fun making this video and I hope that my football free-styling encourage others to try to learn new skills. Around The World is not as difficult as many would think, it just requires practice. I hope that those who try it will succeed” Jeremy Lynch said. “As for, breaking the records, it would be a great accomplishment as I know it will be challenging.”

Oliver Birch, Pinnacle Marketing Manager said “The football freestyle “Total Control” skills tutorials were designed to enable anyone to have a go, just like the Football Director DS game, which can be played in bite-sized chunks or over longer season-conquering sessions. ‘Around The World’ is the second in the series of total control skills tutorials, which will be hosted on the Football Director DS website, and other football related sites from November 2008″.

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