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Left 4 Dead Review (360) - 475 5

Left 4 Dead Review (360)

Left 4 Dead, Can you survive?

We all love mindless violence in a game… well some of us do anyway!

Well if you’re craving for a new game with fun, mindless violence then Valve has a new entry into their collection of franchises – Left 4 Dead.

In case you are wondering who Valve are: The company Valve is a games producer who not only produce games… they produce very good games, such as the Half-Life franchise, Counter-Strike, Portal and Team Fortress.

Now Left 4 dead is a fast-paced, frantic, chaotic, gory thrill-fest. You play as either 1 of 4 survivor characters in a post apocalyptic world, the main objective is to get to the safest point at the end of each level. The levels in this game are split up into 4 movie-like scenarios which are all totally different from one another. These 4 scenarios are action packed and chaotic as hell!Left 4 Dead

The style of running and gunning down any zombies or mutilated nasties in your way is a ton of fun. Blowing off limbs and heads never gets boring as it is just so easy to achieve. If you get trapped in a horde of zombies you’re in for a rough time, and that’s where the other 3 survivors come in and help you control the situation. They also do this very well, they are not at all ignorant when you are getting your ass kicked!

We all love mindless violence in a game

Perhaps the biggest aspect about Left 4 Dead is the A.I. in this game. It’s amazing! You will start a scenario, maybe kill a few zombies and die… Then the next time you go back there after respawning at the check-point the zombies will not be there! What… the zombies are not there? They are somewhere else this time. That’s because each time you die the enemy A.I. knows to change. Each time you do that level you will get a different experience. The A.I also knows whether to up the difficulty that you are playing at, if you are being extremely accurate and not receiving much damage the A.I.will kick it up a notch and make the game a little bit more chaotic for you. Left 4 DeadIt gives a real feeling that you just can’t dictate what’s going to happen next.
Another great thing about this game is the co-op option, this is a ton of fun to play through with friends whether its online or offline split-screen you will be screaming at your friends that there is a horde running your way! Try upping the difficulty to the hardest and just see if you guys can survive!

Online multiplayer is also available, and it’s fun to some extent. You play as survivors or the infected. If you are a survivor you have to stop any infected players from attacking you and basically see how long you last with your points getting higher. If you are the infected you have to stop the survivors from gaining points, you basically kill them till there is no-one left. After that there is a team swap, so the survivors take a turn at being the infected, therefore the infected are now the survivors and have to try and last longer and get more score… Get it?

So all in all it’s a very good game. It’s fairly short… but it’s one hell of a thrill ride!

The Good: Fast and thrilling, Fun run and gun gameplay, A new franchise from Valve.
The Bad: Short game overall, Can get repetitive.

Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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