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The Heroes of Persona 4 (PS2)

Get to know some of Persona 4’s dungeon-crawling, Persona-wielding protagonists

The Heroes of Persona 4In the small town of Inaba, nestled in the Japanese countryside, a young man settles in with his uncle and cousin. Sudden circumstances have forced the arrangement, but it is for the most part an agreeable place to live, if a little boring. Everything changes when a shocking and mysterious killing leaves a town aghast and searching for answers. As all signs point to involvement of a twisted serial murderer, a young hero and his friends will discover hidden powers and use them to save innocents from certain death. Together, they must find the trail of the unknown attacker before they strike again!

Intimate yet profound, Persona 4’s story is driven by exceptionally well-written and voiced characters, each troubled by the events unfolding for their own reasons, each destined to discover something new about themselves over the course of their epic journey. Read below to check out some of the major protagonists in Persona 4:

The main character of Persona 4. He recently moved to the countryside to live with his uncle and cousin. After awakening to his potential as a Persona user, he opens the door to a mysterious world.

A classmate of the Protagonist’s who was born and raised in Inaba. She is a cheerful, energetic girl, but what dark burden does she bear within herself? And what could her talents as a Persona-user be?

The Protagonist’s classmate at Yasogami High School. He has an amicable personality and is adept at reading social situations. He, too, awakens as a Persona user, but what triggers his awakening?

Yukiko’s days are occupied with helping her family run the historic Amagi Inn. She joins the group of Persona users, but how is she involved in the murder case?

A mysterious creature that the Protagonist and his friends encounter inside the TV. It seems to have some power in the other world, but is it friend or foe?

As part of the special holiday “Atlus Spoils” program, Persona 4 is brimming with premium extras. Not only will each and every copy include a free soundtrack CD featuring music from the game, but fans who pre-order at select retailers will also receive “Persona 4 Visual Data,” a 7″x10″ full-color art book featuring designs from famed artist Shigenori Soejima (while supplies last).

For more information about “Atlus Spoils,” visit the official website.
Persona 4 is scheduled for release on December 9.

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