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Smokey Amp Review (OTHER)

It may not be cool to smoke, but it is certainly cool to Smokey!

Sometimes there are items you just want. You have no use for them, but you love them and you must have them. On rare occasions these gadgets actually come in handy and get used all the time!

So if you have a guitar, go and buy one…. now!!!

Well the Smokey Amp is one such item. I always wanted one, from the moment I saw them. The idea of an amp in a cigarette box just blew me away, and the fact that bands I knew used them (ZZ Top, Foo Fighters etc.) was just the icing on the cake.
So a while back the great people at sent me a unit to have a play with.
The moment I opened the packaging I was in love.

The shear simplicity of the Smokey Amp is it’s beauty. You get a cigarette box with a small 2 inch speaker stuck in the middle. There is an input jack, an output jack and that’s your lot!
But that is all you need., you have volume controls on you guitar! The whole point of this is to be able to plug your guitar in anywhere and just play.

Sonically this little amp does not fail to deliver. From quite bluesy crunch all the way up to high gain rock, this little baby can handle it all. Ok so don’t expect the heavy bassy sound of Slip Knot here, but it does the job and it does it with style!

The other joy of this amp is the fact that it can be used as a pre amp to power speaker cabs, when you want a little bit more out of it!

All this for less than 30, you can’t lose.

The point is words and pictures can’t really tell you anything about this amp. What you need is a sample, so click ‘Smokey’s Bandit’ to get a little demo of the sort of sounds you will get. This is recorded from the speaker straight into a laptop mic, so isn’t the best quality!!

Now, as I was saying at the start, every now and then a gadget comes along that you actually use, and this is a perfect example. The Smokey comes out more than my real amp, that’s how convenient it is!

So if you have a guitar, go and buy one…. now!!!

The Good: Affordable, Sounds great, small, loud and proud!
The Bad: Um…

Smokey Amp 

Diamond Y AwardDiamond Y Award
5 5 / 5

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