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Battle of the Bands Review (WII)

This is NOT a Guitar Hero Knock-off…. but still rubbish

When I picked up this game I noticed one of two things:
A) it looked like a cheap knock off version of the Guitar Hero series.
B) Its for the Nintendo Wii

Now I thought to myself ” How on Earth are you meant to play this with out a guitar but with the Wiimote?”.

I should probably point out at this stage is that Battle of the Bands is a rhythm game . They started out life as those dance machines in arcades then was shipped into homes thanks to the dance mat, (which was sort of a door mat with some arrows on it). In recent years its all transformed with the Guitar Hero series, which comes with a guitar. (which I still claim is a game for people who can’t be bothered to learn to play a real guitar, but a great game nonetheless).

Right back to the point… all rhythm games in the past have had buttons that to press with your fingers.. which in turn completes the game… but how can you complete the game when its out for the one console which has no buttons???

Now I’m not joking about this.. most games I could pickup skip the tutorial and play away… but even my sister said the words “complicated” and “weird”, yet she’s the one who owns the house-hold Wii!! She bought it to avoid exactly those words.

The odd comical moment but 99% dull.

However after playing the tutorial and reading the manual…(yes I read the manual), I finally came crashing into the next problem, the Wii. It was just soo unresponsive, new batteries, new motion sensor and still it failed me. On top of that i will also have arthritis by the time I’m 25. All you do is waggle your wrist from side -to-side! How boring is that?

I must admit though this isn’t a knock-off version of the Guitar Hero series, the controls don’t imitate the Guitar Hero controls, look, feel and style. They try to be different. The creators have been brave in their creation…

But they have been rather cheap too.

The graphics and presentation remind me of the early Spyro days of the original Playstation, which isn’t a bad thing don’t get me wrong. It’s just; times have moved on since the middle ages.

Battle of the Bands Then there is the fun factor… which is about as fun as watching Big Brother, the odd comical moment but 99% dull. Not what you’d call as fun as Guitar Hero, have I mentioned that game?

The biggest problem is scoring this game, yes its got it’s faults and there are a lot of them, but it doesn’t try to be the conventional of it’s genre nor does it try to be mainstream. And for that reason alone.. I kinda like it.

Still not as fun as Guitar Hero though… or

Rock Band anyone?

The Good: spyro style graphics.;
The Bad: too complicated, boring and not thought through.

Battle of the Bands Battle of the Bands Battle of the Bands Battle of the Bands Battle of the Bands 

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