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Secret Files : TUNGUSKA Review (WII) - 390 sf 7

Secret Files : TUNGUSKA Review (WII)

Secret Files: BORING

I start this review with a question…

Since the dawn of the Wii, Nintendo have spent millions of dollars campaigning and advertising that the Wii is a friendly, FUN, alternative.
So who sanctioned to relese a game for the Wii which is, niether of those things?

While playing this game I felt like I should be doing something else… Metal Gear Solid 4 being on my mind certainly did not help. But then again Metal Gear Solid 4 is by far more enjoyable and stunning.

Secret Files is a puzzle game, much like the CSI games (and I would rather play them than this), where you slove a murder/mysteryby picking up evidence to propelle the plot forward.
Speaking of which, floating mystery murderers?

It actually sounds reather cool but, the actual story telling is poor.

Point and shoot to make the character move around, and then pick up various items, this gets quite repetative quite fast… like food shopping.

There maybe other gameplay elements like puzzle solving, but I got too bored to quickly. I mean was this game tested? How many bribes and how many drug takers tested this game? It just wasn’t even remotely fun.

This game make a laughing stock out the hard work the marketing department of Nintendo have done. They have created a game which is, (and I don’t often say this about a game), pointless.

Yes the graphics at least compliment the last gen technology of the Wii. But other than that I couldn’t see any point of it really. If I wanted a puzzle game I would have played Tetris or that sploggy game for the PSP.

And if I wanted a Wii game well: Wii sports, Mario Galaxy, M+S at the oylmpics, Sonic and the secret rings, Zelda, Mario kart, Wii play, Wario, Brain Trainer… the list is endless.

I would not even turn to look at this game if it were on the shelf lined up with anyother Wii game I have mentioned.

Now I leave this rather short review (mostly because I have nothing to say about the game other than pointless and boring), with a note for the developers and infact any and all game developers, developing games for the Wii.
Don’t use drug takers to test the games, and for the sake of the Nintedo Wii’s reputation; make it Fun.

The Good: good graphics.; you can actually sit down to play this Wii game
The Bad: Dull,Boring, bad story telling.

Secret Files : TUNGUSKA Secret Files : TUNGUSKA Secret Files : TUNGUSKA Secret Files : TUNGUSKA Secret Files : TUNGUSKA 

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