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Emergency Mayhem Review (WII)

Its time to save the day by fixing traffic lights

Writers comment: I can not promise that this review will be spoiler-free so if you do not wish to have anything ruined before playing this game please do not read on, otherwise enjoy having the game spoiled!

10 Second Sniplet: Now maybe I’m just hard to please when it comes to gaming, but this is by far one of the worst games I have played in recent years. Maybe if I had a young child I’d buy this game for them, otherwise stay away from this title folks.

Anyone over the age of 5 years old should avoid this game at all costs.

The Plot
The city is in an uproar! Nobody knows why or how, all we know is that you must drive out onto the busy city streets with whatever emergency service vehicle you choose and clean the city up as best you can!

The Game
The game is controlled using the numchuk analogue stick to control the direction of the vehicles and the A button to accelerate, since most of the game involves driving around the city it would have been nice for some motion control? *Points in the direction of Mario Kart Wii*

As you get into the game between levels you can choose between the 3 emergency services, for our brain-power lacking friends those are the Police, Firemen and Medics. You race around the different parts of the city trying your hardest to reduce the “Mayhem” in the city with small missions. Most of the missions involve racing to another point in the area, which half the time is in viewing distance from the actual mission starting point.

Emergency MayhemMotion control is barley used in this title and considering this is a Wii game and doesn’t have much going for it, you would have thought they would put more effort into this area. Sadly no, motion control is mainly used for the repetitive and tedious mini-game missions. Some of these “missions” see you fixing traffic lights, directing a fly out of a mans stomach or putting out burning rubbish!?

Truthfully the city doesn’t look that bad, but the only mayhem noticeable is a badly controlled emergency service vehicle racing around the city, bashing into random cars and running over civilians. (Or maybe that was just me trying to enjoy the game more). Throughout the city there are uncountable pick-ups that either reduce mayhem or add a few seconds to your time. Scattered throughout the streets (depending on which service you are) are small bonus objectives, which basically means run into these people a set number of times to collect em all! Which is especially funny when you “rescue” escaped patients from a hospital by hitting them with your rather large Ambulance at 50 mph.

The only help navigating the city is a big arrow at the top of the screen that points towards your current mission objective, or the closest available mission. The game lacks any sort of map which makes driving around a lot harder, especially if you happen to miss your turn during one of the missions and waste some valuable time.

The Feel
Truthfully the game feels terrible in most places, with mini-game controls being overly sensitive and sometimes just plain not working, heavily adding to the frustration level of the gamer never mind the mayhem level of the city.

Emergency MayhemThe vehicles are easily controlled which makes the game somewhat more bearable, but they sometimes get randomly stuck inside the low-textured walls of the city leaving you scratching your head and thinking “wtf?”

Surprisingly the music in Emergency Mayhem is a step or two above the rather below average game play sounding very well composed as you race around the city in your crazy-service vehicles.

The System
The city is split into 4 sections of varying size, as you progress in the story you unlock new mini-games but the game stills feels too repetitive and will become a challenge to NOT fall asleep on. The game features some multiplayer support but not enough replayability to go back for more.

The first (and only) voice in the game will be that of the Dispatcher which sounds like an extremely hyper woman impersonating a Texan accent. Throughout the whole game she will guide you to every single mission and comment on your actions. Luckily in the options menu this excited girl can be turned down and if you feel the need, turned off.

The Final Words
Anyone over the age of 5 years old should avoid this game at all costs, if you have a young child and want to buy them a game then this might be worth it. Since the game has such terrible controls that sometimes fail to work at all your child might end up more frustrated than happy. Personally I would avoid this game at all costs and spend your money on something much more worth it.

The Good: Well composed music; Might be fun for the kids
The Bad: Terrible controls; Very repetitive; Out-dated graphics

Emergency Mayhem Emergency Mayhem Emergency Mayhem Emergency Mayhem Emergency Mayhem 

1.5 1.5 / 5

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