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Folklore Review (PS3)

A murder in the village of the dead!

Playing this game is like playing Pokemon for adults.

Writers comment: I can not promise that this review will be spoiler free so if you do not wish to have anything ruined before playing this game please do not read on, otherwise enjoy having the game spoiled!

10 Second Sniplet: Playing this game is fun for many reasons but one of the biggest is this… you get to drag out enemy souls (ids) using the SIXAXIS motion control! Great fun-filled game set in the real and fantasy worlds of a little Irish town called Doolin, great characters and story, worth buying if you have a little extra cash lying around.

The Plot
In the mystical little Irish village of Doolin strange occurrences are afoot a story intertwined between the two main characters. Ellen a lonely girl in the search for her dead mother after receiving a letter apparently from her to come to the village, and Keats a magazine journalist summoned to the village by an unknown and mysterious phone call looking for a big story, cue creepy 70’s horror music.

As the story begins to unfold in the small town it is apparent that not all is well mysterious murders from 17 years ago still affect the inhabitants of the village and somehow lead to new deaths. Very early in this little Irish adventure Ellen and Keats are given the power to visit netherworlds. Ellen uses a strange cloak found under a Stonehenge and Keats is given the strange power to transform into some sorta underworld monster version of himself. Both characters are lead through the game by undead characters or half-dead. The netherworlds are the same for each character but the plot develops differently for each character.

The Look
Folklore has 2 main settings, the village of Doolin very empty looking with little interaction with the town folk unless its to do with the games story, and the netherworlds. Now the town is for lack of better words, boring its all very static and plain just as you’d expect a small town to be but after you visit your first netherworld you see the game in a whole new fashion. Brightly colored exotically designed worlds full of silly little creatures just begging to have their souls ripped out! The character design is decent and the animation nothing special but the real beauty is in the netherworlds and the little monsters called folks, each folk is completely different looking minus some re-colors that are forgivable overall the game has varied looks going from the boring little town to strange and exotic lands of the dead.

FolkloreThe Feel
The game is split into different chapters, each chapter has an opening with the story starting in the village, a middle which involves dashing off into a strange world to thwart a Folklore (aka boss) and then an ending which shows the particular climax to the small story arc that eventually leads the player to the overall conclusion. After each chapter the player has a choice of choosing
either Ellen or Keats, you will eventually have to play through both characters if you wish to finish the game however. The sound flows elegantly in the background hardly noticeable but just fitting enough to go with the events in the game rather than hinder the player and make them want to turn their TV down. The game story is mainly told
using a 3d comic book style which can be sped up or rewound which is handy if you ever miss what they are saying, very stylish but sometimes the facial animation is laughable.

The Game
During the first part of each chapter the only thing that the player can do is wander around the town and talk to the people living there, or during night visit the tavern to find some friendly undead people. You can also accept quests from the barkeep depending on if its day or night the quests may vary. The real fun starts when you enter the netherworld and begin harvesting souls from the little (or big) folks. Playing this game is like playing Pokemon for adults. The objective in each world is to take down the folklore which has the memories of a dead person you need to talk to simply enough right? Wrong! You have to go through the world looking for pages of a picture book which shows you how to defeat certain folks and eventually pages that show how to defeat the folklore using your captured folks, which usually consists of 3-4 folks to take down the big baddies.

Taking down folks and absorbing their souls is a simple matter of beating them up and using the SIXAXIS motion to rip the souls out, depending on how strong the folk is depends on the style of how to obtain the soul. Sometimes you might just flick the controller up other times you might have to batter the soul against the ground by swinging the controller left and right.

FolkloreThe System
Each Folk you capture can be leveled up using certain methods for example stealing more souls or killing a certain amount of folks with the particular one, maybe even killing specific folk it changes for every character. Ellen and Keats sometimes have different folk in the worlds or the same folk with different abilities, playing trough
the game again with the second character doesn’t feel quite the same this way and is very refreshing. Folk can be assigned to the four main buttons on the controller and used by pressing the corresponding button. Most games these days support mini-maps and this game is no different, however if you bring up the pause menu you will be
presented with the full map which hardly reflects the true map in the slightest only showing rooms and connections. Which is quite annoying

The Final Words
Overall Folklore is a missable game but will provide a few days fun of snatching up funny looking and crazy big ass monsters. Beautiful worlds and a compelling storyline that might draw in older players but overall I’d say this is one for the younger kids of our generation to sink their teeth into, Gotta catch em all!

The Good: Over 100 monsters to find and harvest; Excellent story sequences using 3d comic book styles; Beautiful graphics and worlds; Excellent monster design; Downloadable Content
The Bad: Average voice acting; Expensive Downloadable contact; Feels repetitive sometimes; Monster recolors

Folklore Folklore Folklore Folklore Folklore 

3 3 / 5

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