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Rachet and Clank Size Matters Review (PS2) - 328 Multiplayer11

Rachet and Clank Size Matters Review (PS2)

Either rent, or buy for the console it was designed for.

Right am not going to mess about with this one,
rent it, I wouldn’t recommend buying it, and here’s why:

Oh how this game made me smile.

From the offset the lack of any attention of any kind towards the menu screen, by the developers is, lazy, to say the least. Its like they forgot about it and then decided, ?do we need one?? Similar can be said of the explanation of what’s going on with the opening credits; I failed to see Isomaniacs’ name mentioned anywhere.

Then there is the plot, which is woeful. It’s not bad, but for a big name like Rachet and Clank, I was just expecting more. Not unlike its PS3 counter part Tools Of Destruction, which I would recommend to anyone with a Playstation 3.

Then there is the biggest and worst problem of them all. The Camera. Dying countless of times just because I couldn’t see what I was doing. How do developers miss a camera problem? How many good games have been let down by a camera problem? Not this one? hurts it a little bit, but not too much.

This is a Rachet and Clank experience. You get the same pantomime enemies who can kill you, just don’t frighten you. You get the same detailed but not overly impressive worlds, and levels. And last but not least, bucket loads of fun!

Oh how this game made me smile. But don’t think that’s the end of things, they added more weapons, more gadgets, and they managed to change the gameplay just before it gets too repetitive. And on top of all this, they added a multiplayer mode, which is rubbish.

Rachet and Clank Size MattersFor a start people who play the PS2 version don’t go on multiplayer they much rather be playing Call of Duty 4 online, (don’t blame them) and people who play the PSP version, I’d imagine don’t bother because they go bored. What I’m trying to say is; look its all very jolly putting a multiplayer mode in a game like Rachet and Clank, but I can think of 20-30 games I’d rather play online. Yes and I’d even go as far to say Halo 3 will be in that list? just.

Now other reviews state that Size Matters is the worst Rachet and Clank title of them all, which I think would have to agree. But not by much, work around the camera problem, (which is possible) and you will enjoy this game. Let me tell you how?

This game is a port from the PSP, so the camera has been stuck to the second analogue stick (the one on the right). So you can move the camera, so you are in control. But the camera has a nasty habbit of sticking to objects and has a fear of awkward angles and sharp turns. Avoid turing sharply, looking up, walls and getting lost. Then you can have some fun.

Looking back though this game was designed for the PSP and not the PS2 so if you do decide to buy Size Matters, buy it for the PSP.

However if you just want a Rachet and Clank game, buy Tools of Destruction, its much more fun.

The Good: Good fun if you ignore or work around its problems.
The Bad: Camera problems.

Rachet and Clank Size Matters Rachet and Clank Size Matters Rachet and Clank Size Matters Rachet and Clank Size Matters Rachet and Clank Size Matters 

2.5 2.5 / 5

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