Timesplitters 2 Review (RETRO)

There are Up’s and there are DOWN’S!

Ah yes the sheer magnificence of Time splitters, A first person shooter ( FPS ) which allows you to experience one of the joys of life, shooting people as your primate friend the monkey… or perhaps only one of my joys. Time splitters 2 The next in the series of the Time splitters Fps’s .The game is single and multi-player enabled, and see’s you battling Time splitters in many different time regions, to collect crystals.

The Game is featured on Ps2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube for all your console preferences. Now you’re probably thinking “this plot all seems a bit farfetched”, and “I don’t have a clue what’s going on”, and this seems to be a reoccurring theme in the game. But once you play through the game you start to realise that the reason you are playing is because the sheer randomness is what you enjoy in the game, involving such characters as Duck, Gingerbread Man, Monkey and Crispin (A man who is permanently set on fire).

In fact there are a giant range of characters to choose from, 100 characters altogether, something I’m sure will keep you going. The game is split up into three main gaming areas, One player campaign with each level a different period of time, Arcade mode which involves beating certain tasks to unlock characters, which is extremely satisfying to any gamer, and Multiplayer mode, which will probably one of the most pleasurable, experiences of your gaming life time, at first anyway!

Timesplitters 2 The campaign Mode however is under scrutiny for me, as there is little Empathy for the characters, no real thought is put into the story and the levels seem to get tedious half-way through. You’ll approach what you think should be the end of the level, and then suddenly the level decides to throw something at you which seems rather pointless. The bosses also seem to make you lose interest requiring a shoot-like-mad tactic, until they die. But even with all these little set-backs, it is still a heavily enjoyable experience, the graphics have a very smooth edge to them and it is pleasant to look at, the music tracks although not exactly adrenaline building do set up a good atmosphere for playing.

The graphics are sharply displayed, clean, and always good to play with.

Little glitches or bugs seem to never come into the field either. I have never found myself stuck in some stupid glitch due to programming issues or otherwise and only get annoyed with the game when I am losing, not due to faulty game structure. However, on the subject of game Glitches something I cannot miss out here is that of the A.I, or be it lack of A.I. The computers seem to appear like drones often, they see you, they run after you and will keep pestering you until you are dead. There seems to be very little thought put into it, and they seem to ignore other A.I characters and ram straight into you which is particularly frustrating in multi-player. You often find yourself being hunted down by every single other computer-player on the map, and yet they never hunt each other. This means that a lot of the time at home, you will rather call a mate round to play it, rather than go against the computers. But the stupidity of the A.I, the lack of a good campaign, and all these other issues, don’t seem to draw back from the game, you can tell that the developers know what they are doing, and there is so much ingenious put into the game. For example the multiplayer modes are sometimes so unbelievably fun and well thought out, with modes like Flame tag, Virus and Capture the bag.

Timesplitters 2 The characters also bring an element of Excitability, you could find yourself spending weeks at a time unlocking every single character and using them and re-using them again and again on the multi-player modes. The re-playability value is Phenomenal, with arcade modes, challenges, multiplayer, campaign 3 difficulties, and 100 playable characters. They are just asking you to become obsessed! But the main reason you will find yourself playing this game again and again and again, is because the sheer brilliance in the reward system, If you achieve anything on the game, you will most likely win a reward, as the amount of unlockables are !MASSIVE! You can play this game and feel good about your gaming talents shortly after.

So the points to remember before rushing out and buying this game:

The good

– The graphics are sharply displayed, clean, and always good to play with.
-Quick load times, the menus are used very efficiently good backgrounds, very easy to pick up and play.
– Excellent multi-player modes, brilliant to play with a friend, Co-operative campaign modes, e.t.c.
– Will get you hooked!

The bad

– Lack of innovative ideas in campaign, very few ideas put onto the table.
– Character flaws, lack of empathy, characters can be forgotten about in a matter of seconds. Some characters require more attention; sometimes they just have a bare face.

The ugly

– The Plot, or be it the lack of a plot. The Ending and begging seemed to be very one-direction based. Even with the deaths of characters and certain plot twists, to be honest you just wanted to get back into playing.


Even though I may sound a tad harsh towards the game, at the end of the day I am just nit-picking. This is a very worthwhile game to get, and one I’m sure of which, will keep you very entertained.

The Good: An extremely fun game at times, with a massive replayability value, could keep you hooked for years.
The Bad: The graphics were sub-par at times, 1 player although not shameful, not exactly breathtaking.

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Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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