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Aliens vs Predator Requiem Review (PSP)

Another movie adaptation…

Why can’t the camera follow the predator?

Now as a general unwritten rule of the video game world, adaptations of movies don’t generally work, they’re always flawed and most seem rushed. In fact I can only think of one that has worked? no I can’t.

I would also like to point out that I have not as yet seen the movie Alien vs Predator Requiem mainly because the first one was terrible; one of the worst films I have ever seen, I would have rather watched paint dry. I don’t plan to see the sequel, because I suspect it will be a similar, if not worse experience.

Starting with the presentation, it’s actually quite good, menus are easy to use, unless you happen to be a chipmunk, and the graphics I have to say are not bad for a PSP game. Now I know your thinking that there are better looking games out there for the PSP, but this one reminds me of the PlayStation years. So I don’t mind if it isn’t on par with the rest. The cinematics though, I simply can not believe they achieve cinematics like that, on a PSP!

Since I haven’t seen the movie, I simply can not comment on the plot, since I don’t know if it stays true to the movie. But what I can tell you is that the plot, is set out in levels on the grid, selecting a stage will give you a mission to complete. But its not like Lylat wars(Starfox) and Shadow the Hedgehog, where you pick your route and that’s it. You can go back and do the missions you didn’t choose first time round. I personally think this is great it means you can pick it up, play a mission while waiting for the microwave meal to cook, and put it back down again.

Aliens vs Predator RequiemIt’s not all good points, it has to be said that the gameplay, not good, but then again it’s not the end of the world either. Simply because repetition kicks in about a quarter way through the game. But the designers have tried to break the mould, and it shows.

The controls are well thought out up until you use L and R to rotate the camera, it just becomes annoying. Why can’t the camera follow the predator?

You maybe thinking at this point that despite all other reviews saying that they don’t like this game, that I like it. And I do like some elements of it. But it is because it’s well presented; a game for the rainy days. Would I buy it? No, of course not.

It lacks one crucial element that all games must have, it just isn’t fun to play.

The music is dull, the colours are boring, the loading times are fantastic, but in terms of pace it just doesn’t deliver. In fact it failed to put a smile on my face.

Sure the graphics took me back to 1998 and the cinematics left me speechless, and I nodded and applauded the presentation, but it never made me smile, meaning I can’t get hooked and excited about this game.

And I’m sure if I saw the film, I would change my mind completely and say this game is rubbish. And thats the one thing that really annoys me.

The Good: Presentation isn’t bad.; Graphics aren’t too shabby.
The Bad: Dull, repetitive, just isn’t fun.

Aliens vs Predator Requiem Aliens vs Predator Requiem Aliens vs Predator Requiem Aliens vs Predator Requiem Aliens vs Predator Requiem 

1.5 1.5 / 5

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