Gaming classic Gridrunner now available on Facebook (PC)

by February 22nd, 2008

Eidos New Media unleashes all-new version of Jeff Minter’s classic for Flash users and Facebook

YARSOne of the classic ‘old skool’ games is to be given a new lease of life, as Eidos New Media unleashes an updated version of Jeff Minter’s classic Gridrunner for the Flash community this week.

Converted to Flash by developer Cheeky, Gridrunner++ is an all-action blaster which is to be released to Flash users via Eidos New Media’s label, and marks the first time a Jeff Minter game has been released in such a way. has also unveiled a unique link with popular social networking site Facebook, for a specially-created version of Gridrunner++ which can be added to the user’s home page (

Non-Facebookers can check out the game at:

Recreating key elements of the Minter original, Gridrunner++ is a psychedelic shoot ’em up, where the player roars through a series of colourful stages unleashing a torrent of lasers upon the incessant alien attacks. The game demands rapid reactions and pin-point accuracy as you try to stay alive.

The original Gridrunner was created by the legendary Jeff Minter through his home-grown Llamasoft label. Under the Llamasoft banner, Minter produced a series of games from the early 80s to present day and has created a wealth of surreal, off-the-wall and ground-breaking titles.

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