Fifa 08 Review (PS3)

by February 20th, 2008

New and improved, Kind of ?

This time round EA try to rid themselves of FIFA’s old habits, things like the easy game difficulty, super fast game play, same types of goals etc.
In the New outing FIFA 08 we get a slowed down version, new ball physics and cutting edge graphics that no other football game can rival.
The game again boasts all official licences for team and players, leagues and stadiums.
An original soundtrack, online play and a totally new be a pro offline and online modes.

The game again boasts all official licences for team and players, leagues and stadiums

So lets start with the good, the online play really makes the game worthwhile.
Online leader boards, loads of players 24/7 and often lag free.
The new be a pro is were you get to play as one player in as team and do the jobs of that player. So if you go Rio Ferdinand for Man Utd you will have to stay in your position, anticipate attackers runs and intercept, putting in last ditch tackles all the usual duties of a real centre back.
This mode is very convincing, it feels like you are just part of the team and your mistakes can lead to the team loosing or winning.
So the Be a Pro Online naturally is a success, supporting 10 players at once (5 on each team) you can play up 10-20 games in a row before noticing the day as gone.

Moving on to other game modes, you have the usual league and cup modes, the loved manager mode is back.
we also have achievements the game sets you and you get rewards for unlocking them.
The game commentary is the most convincing I have ever heard, provided by Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. They state facts relevant to the teams playing. Talk about each teams history in brief spells, and genuinely get a little of topic like some real commentators do.
On top of this their reactions to what happens on the pitch is excellent as well.

Fifa 08So there is the good, now here is the bad, which can overwhelm the good, depending on the type of gamer you are.
The match engine still is not right, still is not really enjoyable, without the official team licences, lots of game modes and sharp graphics there is no reason to play it.
It plays like a dog, instead of thinking about how to tighten your defence, or how to break you opponents back line you are battling with the awkward controls and getting frustrated at player physics.
The shooting system is still over assisted, you just tap and shoot and most of the time you beat the goalkeeper.
You have the option to turn off assisted shooting, but then your shots are crazy as the control becomes over sensitive.
The through ball system is clumsy and rarely does what you want it to.
On a break you don’t loose possession because of a bad decision or lack of skill, its because the match engine would not allow to be able to thread that through ball in.
Long balls are totally in effective, forcing you to play every goal kick from back if you do not fancy loosing possession.
Once again the difficulty settings are not right, amateur and semi pro are way to easy. Any higher than that is way to hard and frustrating.
Player physics are bad, You cannot tell the difference in the height or size between John Carew or Jermaine Defoe…WHY NOT? This is the PS3 . Is it that hard to put work into the players physical appearance?.
Also the ability of your team still has little effect, it’s just as easy to skin a whole team with Alan Stubbs as it is with Christiano Ronaldo.

Fifa 08Okay there we have, the game has lots to offer, tons of game modes, great online play, lush graphics good commentary and original soundtrack.
Its obvious a lot of work as gone into this title, but if you have to battle the match engine it takes the enjoyment away.

The Good: Tons of game modes; Strong Online play ; New “Be a Pro” mode brings a new dimension to the game; Looks great, good player likeness ; Nice orignal soundtrack
The Bad: The match engine plays like a dog ; Be A Pro mode feels wasted, as it’s exhibition only

Fifa 08 Fifa 08 Fifa 08 Fifa 08 Fifa 08 

3 3 / 5
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