by January 17th, 2008

See for yourself; new World Champion Part in action and Barney and Taylor go head-to-head.

PDC DARTS 2008 ? VIRTUAL CHAMPIONS SHOW OFF NEW FEATURESNORTHAMPTONSHIRE, ENGLAND, January 17th, 2008 ? PDC Darts 2008 for PlayStation«2 and PC will be hitting the shelves on 25th Jan, and Oxygen Games are pleased to unveil two gameplay movies to demonstrate the enhancements in PDC Darts 2008. Starring new World Champion John Part, his semi-final rival Kevin Painter, and long-time adversaries Phil Taylor and Raymond Van Barneveld, the movies reveal:

All new engine for enhanced throwing physics, meaning darts now move more like real life than ever before – see them flutter through the air and stack as on a real board.
PDC Pro animations – throw styles and walk ons – have been mo-capped and are fully integrated.
All new graphic enhancements ? player improvements and real-world sets and tournament locations, based on the locations from the PDC calendar.
Enhanced audio including calling, commentary, convincing dynamic crowd sounds, and darts atmospherics.
Additional New Features for PlayStation2 and PC include:

Enhanced A.I – player AI is calculated using real life averages from major tournaments and also based on actual playing characteristics i.e. stamina, belief, pressure, complacency and accuracy.
Improved and indepth career mode, realistically reflecting a player’s progress through the PDC calendar, featuring 7 of the major PDC tournaments each season.
Three difficulty levels for extended play and learning curves; Amateur, Professional and Master.
6 additional PDC professionals; Roland Scholten, Ronnie Baxter, Terry Jenkins, Kevin Painter, Andy Hamilton and Andy Jenkins, join original stars: Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Peter Manley, Wayne Mardle, Dennis Priestley, Adrian Lewis, Alan Warriner-Little, John Part, Colin Lloyd and Mark Dudbridge.
All new character editor, supplying a greater range of options to customize your pro. Elements include male and female character models, skin tone, eye colour, nationality, name, hairstyle, hair colour, eyewear, shirt style and colour, throwing angle, level of difficulty and preferred checkout. As well as options for dart barrel weights and flight designs.
Compatible with USB PC gamepad.

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