NAMCO BANDAI Games ‘NARUTO: Uzumaki Chronicles 2’ Brings New Thrteats, Allies And Adventures To Europe (PS2)

by January 14th, 2008

– Action Adventure Sequel Based on the Global Hit Anime with New Features and Gameplay Coming to Europe March 2008 for PlayStation 2 –

NAMCO BANDAI Games NARUTO: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Brings New Thrteats, Allies And Adventures To EuropeLYON, FRANCE ? 14 January 2008 ? Atari today announced the forthcoming European release of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 for PlayStation«2 featuring a new original adventure, new characters and high-octane multiplayer co-op action. Set in the Naruto universe popularised by the anime TV show currently on air across Europe, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 is scheduled for release in March 2008.

A new evil has risen and threatens to take over not only the Hidden Leaf Village, but all the other villages and ninja clans as well. An ancient organization which was long thought disbanded is alive and well and in search of several orbs to resurrect a mechanical horror that will ravage the land. It’s now up to Naruto and all the Hidden Leaf Genin to join forces with those of the Hidden Sand Village to stop this menace.

While staying faithful to the hugely popular anime, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles2 boasts a completely new original adventure, plus co-op gameplay, character customization options, and multiple playable characters switch-able on the fly including Naruto, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Kakashi, Guy, Neji, Choji, and more. In addition to 2-player Vs Battle gameplay, during normal solo play a second player is able to join in the action for a simultaneous two-player adventure in Co-op mode. Dazzling lethal attacks and an armoury of specialised ninja weapons are taken straight from the anime with over 30 attack items for kicking ninja ass. The thrilling gameplay modes include Story, Head-to-Head, Mission, and Survival modes giving aspiring ninjas plenty of kicks and punches to throw.

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles for PlayStation 2 is published by NAMCO BANDAI Games, distributed in Europe by Atari, and scheduled for European release in March 2008.

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