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SACRED 2 ? Fallen Angel: New Release Date Announced (PC) - big y

SACRED 2 ? Fallen Angel: New Release Date Announced (PC)

ASCARON, a leading European entertainment software developer, announces a new release date for SACRED 2 ? Fallen Angel. The announcement sees both PC and Xbox 360 versions scheduled for release in September 2008.

YARSThe additional time is to be used for optimizing the crucial areas of multiplayer gameplay and balancing. Planning for a longer and in-depth beta test, which is subdivided into several different phases, is already underway.

“A highly anticipated AAA title such as SACRED 2 ? Fallen Angel is a great responsibility with high expectations to manage and live up to. To achieve our goal, we have decided to give SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel more time in order to be perfected and polished in every single area, allowing us to deliver the quality which is expected, rather than striving for an early release,” says Heiko tom Felde, Managing Director of ASCARON Entertainment GmbH.

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