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Assassins creed Review (360)


Assassins Creed is set in the middle east during the third crusade and takes you through the three major cities of the holy land – Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem, where you take on the role of an assassin named Altair. As you explore these cities your main focus is on the nine key targets that await their deaths. Each of the cities are broken into three sections – rich, poor and middle class, this adds up to nine sections for your nine targets

The controls in assassins creed are unique. Running around rooftops and climbing buildings is really fun. Scaling buildings uses the same controls except you are move the thumbstick to adjust your hands. By pressing down the trigger and action button Altair can climb anything.
Combat in Assassins creed is actually fun and is rhythm based. You have a sword, throwing knives, the assassins blade and even your own fists in your arsenal.

In order to assassinate your targets you must first do some reconnaissance. Your investigation starts by climbing a few view points – the tallest buildings in the various city districts. Each view point you scale opens up a number of mini missions where you can collect the necessary information required about your target in order to earn the permission to confront them. You might have to interrogate someone, pickpocket and even kill a few templars within a time limit. There are also some optional tasks, like rescuing an innocent citizen from the evil guards. The reward for this is that they may help you when needed by either distracting foes chasing after you or by helping you to get past guarded areas without incident. Though these are fun in the beginning, they quickly grow old and start becoming very repetitive and boring.

Graphically Assassins Creed is a beautiful game. The effort put to make the cities as real as possible is really commendable. The animations are top notch. As you explore the cities you will see women carrying jars on their heads moving through the crowds, orators shouting and preaching at people, guards harassing citizens, drunkards and mentally handicapped people trying to push anyone in their way. Watching the citizens do their daily chores as you hunt your target is really really fun.

In the end Assassins creed is a fantastic game, and though it gets repetitive at times, the amount of content that ubisoft was able to pack in it is really commendable. A must have in my opinion.

The Good: Innovative and fun gameplay, gorgeous looking game
The Bad: Repetative, wierd and confusing ending

Assassins creed Assassins creed Assassins creed Assassins creed Assassins creed 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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