An open letter regarding the recent “good reviews for cash” mess. (ARTICLES)

YARSI would just like to reassure readers that we at YARS have never been offered any incentive to give a positive slant on a review. If we were offered such bribes we would either ignore them or refuse to review the game. We strive to keep the reviews honest, balanced and written from the perspective of enthusiastic gamers (which we all are!).

It is a shame that the actions of a few could taint an entire industry and I am truly saddened by this. It is in our best interest to tell the truth as we see it, or how do we maintain any kind of integrity. If a game is bad, you will find out soon enough if we have lied and scored it high!

If you have and question please feel free to contact us (contact us link at the bottom of the page)


Andrzej Marczewski
Executive Editor
Yet Another Review Site

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