Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Review (WII)

by December 11th, 2007

Rockstar bring sports perfection to the Wii

Rockstar, a name sometimes whispered in reverence when gamers talk about publishers. Since the release of Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar have not produced a duff game. Whey they announced they were bringing a new game to the xbox 360, everyone got excited and tried to guess what kind of product they would weave their magic on next. The release of Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis was not what the gaming community had expected. This gaming curveball was infact awesome on the 360. It played like a top tennis game, was fast and furious and apart from one certain player being tougher than everyone else, was a perfect introduction for Rockstar into the sports genre.

Rockstar still have that Midas touch

When it was announced that Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis was to be brought out on the Wii, we all got excited all over again- a stunning sports title, using the wii remote. As is expected, the graphics are inferior to its gorgeous 360 sibling. It is not as crisp but the animation still works and there are no noticeable glitches.

This game is now all about the control, and it works excellently. Its encouraging to see another third party publisher totally get the Wii remote & nunchuck control system spot on. It just makes the anticipation for Manhunt 2 even sweeter. If you need a comparison to a current Wii title you will be glad to know it is more like Tennis on Wii Sports, the disappointing table tennis game on Wii Play.

Rockstar Games Presents Table TennisThe variety of shots is suitably impressive, allowing you to place your shots at the front or back of the table and put top, back, left or right spin as well as applying just the right amount of power. The default control system automatically takes control of the players movement (i.e. their feet), but there is an option to use the control stick to move your player if you are a total control freak.

This title is as good as any other sports title out there and fully conveys the speed & skill involved in the real game. There are loads of training exercises to hone your craft and there is both a tournament and exhibition made with lots to unlock. Easy to pick up and play, hard to put down. Rockstar still have that Midas touch.

The Good: Sublime controls,gameplay still intact from 360 version, great fun.
The Bad: The AI of one certain player is still set too high (as it was on the 360), your right arm aches after too much play and graphics are poor compared to 360 version

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5
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