Football Manager 2008 Review (PC)

by November 21st, 2007

Time to don that old sheepskin jacket for another season

If you happen to be reading this whilst residing in good old U S on A, you will not recognise the title of this game. Nope, you will know this title as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008. The reason I mention this is no other than a service to our American readers. So now we are all talking about the same game, I’ll tell you how great this is, and why it will take over your life as it does every year.

this is indeed the best football management game out there so far

Anyone who played last years FM will know how it progressed enough to justify your hard earned cash once again. But the question is, does FM 2008 justify the spends once more. To be fair Sports Interactive have certainly tried to raise the bar once again to keep themselves top of the table when it comes to the sports management genre.

So, to the all-important new features. First off it’s easier to use, with the skin looking cleaner and a new feature called an advisor system, that’s basically a very handy help system when you cannot seem to get Liverpool FC off the bottom of division 2, and promoted straight up to the premier league in consecutive seasons. With the match day, SI have introduced a feature called match flow which seems to capture the atmosphere and excitement of a match day. With the match engine as well, things have been tweaked so the games are more enjoyable to watch. International management has been revamped as well including such advances as captain selection & the old club vs country morale separation for the players.

Football Manager 2008All in all there must be over 100 changes to Football Manager for the 2008 version, and this is indeed the best football management game out there so far. But to be fair-so was the 2007 version when that came out. If you are a hardcore fan, then you will appreciate the changes, and no doubt have already bought this & taken Wrexham FC (or whatever your chosen side happens to be) to win the Champions league. And have the cream of the world playing for you. But if you have not sampled a footy management game before, I think you are probably better off picking up FM2007 for a much reduced price- since you will enjoy the experience just as much, and have change to pay for this months subscription to Setanta Sports!

The Good: Improves on Last years almost perfect Management sim
The Bad: Its just a case of tweaking FM2007, not a total revamp, that it needs to keep ahead of Champ Manager.

Football Manager 2008 Football Manager 2008 Football Manager 2008 Football Manager 2008 Football Manager 2008 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5
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