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Ratatouille Review (PS2)

Kiddy platform action with everyone’s favorite rat chef

Ratatouille is the latest in the endless string of movie tie-ins that Disney releases each and every year. The game is classic platforming in its simplest form. This involves running (or scurrying in this case) around collecting things and accumulating points to spend at the game’s shop, where different game modes and more can be unlocked. Although the game incorporates some different elements such as rafting and preparing food, it is not a lot different from any other dull platformer you may come across. The game is clearly aimed at children, and I honestly think that they are the only people this game will appeal to.

The game focuses around the same story as the critically acclaimed film, yet while the film is great (watched it before playing this) the game is obviously thrown together quickly with the objective of making money off the success of the film. This is apparent from the substandard graphics, which reminded me of the first medal of honour game (released in the 90’s). The characters are just about recognisable as the ones from the film, although some characters did take me a while to place. The voice acting is so so, and the same actors from the film are used.

Ratatouille The gameplay is pretty simplistic, involving mainly running, jumping and climbing, but also some more unusual elements such as hiding under boxes and trying not to get spotted, and sailing around on makeshift rafts are incorporated, which distinguishes the game slightly from other platformers. On a whole though, the game is simple and any adult will find it extremely easy and unenjoyable. This again reflects that the game is aimed purely at children.

the game is obviously thrown together quickly with the objective of making money off the success of the film

At the end of the day, this is a cheaply made money-spinner aimed to make more money off the licensing of the film. This is reflected in the overly simplistic nature of the gameplay, and the frankly ugly graphics. This may be a good one to get for your kids if they are obsessed with the film, but I found it to have very little entertainment value. There are other platform games out there that feel much more polished and are much more entertaining. If you are going to spend 30 on a platform game, you should browse the market before jumping straight for the popular film tie in. 9 times out of 10 the non film based game will be better.

The Good: fun for kids, play scenes from the film; voice acting by the same people who did the voices from the movie; incorporates some unusual platforming elements.
The Bad: feels rough and thrown together quickly; sub-standard graphics; will pose no challenge for adults.

Ratatouille Ratatouille Ratatouille Ratatouille Ratatouille 

2.5 2.5 / 5

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