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Two Worlds Review (360) - 210 2W Xbox5 4 24 07

Two Worlds Review (360)

RPG= Realy Poor Graphics

Two Worlds is a game that had a lot of people very excited- most of these people had beards and loved playing Dungeons & Dragons while they where younger. Yep, you guessed it-it’s a Role Playing Game (RPG) and not the Japanese sort with sky pirates and young men with spiky hair and somewhat camp movement. This is a full-blown Western RPG (no, not western as is Cowboys!) with Dragons, Trolls and Orcs.

This is the kind of game that has been very popular on the pc, but until the stunning Oblivion, we had not seen many of these type of games on a console. Traditionally RPG`s have had loads of menus and the keyboard was the only way to play. But the people at Bethesda knew different and brought RPG`s to the console masses with the aforementioned Oblivion. This showed us that we can have RPG`s on a console, and they can be epic, stunning looking, easy to control and even fun.

Two Worlds tries very hard to be the ?Next big thing? since Oblivion, by packing in tons of features including an alchemy system that is pretty damn cool. But fails to emulate Oblivion in almost every level. The main problem with Two Worlds is that it doesn’t seem finished. It feels like a pc game rushed out, that you know will play awesomely once it has a couple of rather large patched added to it.

Where to start, well firstly the graphics are a shambles, this does not look like a next gen title, now I know that traditionally with games like this, the graphics are usually second to the gameplay (all them stats and character progression) but this is 2007 and 360 owners like a lot of eye candy and smooth slinky movement in our games-even RPG`s. If we wanted graphics of this quality we would not have sold our PS2`s and xbox`s to purchase an xbox 360.

Secondly we have the wooden voice acting & terrible dialogue. This is so clich ridden, with lots of ?forsooth? and ?verily? that I first thought it was done tongue in cheek, and very funny, then as the hours just flew bye, I realised they were deadly serious- ye gods! Next up we have a mini map that is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

Finally the combat is poor at best, unlike Oblivion we do not have a first person combat option, so battles become a rushed button mash that takes the enjoyment out of the game. The menus are pretty damn confusing also and most of the navigation is hit and miss.

Now after all that negativity, I must say, once you get over about 5 hours in and can cope with the crap graphics & audio, it does blossom into a quite enjoyable RPG Romp, so it’s a shame they didn’t spend some time correcting the major flaws as this could have been better than Oblivion. As it is, it may be worth you picking it up from the bargain bins in a few months time, but I`m afraid I cannot recommend a full price purchase.

The Good: Massive Quest,Alchemy is cool, you get an achievemnet for just riding a horse!
The Bad: Shoddy Graphics,rubbish voice acting,Boring Combat

Two Worlds Two Worlds Two Worlds Two Worlds Two Worlds 

2.5 2.5 / 5

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