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Wanted: Designs for a new FolkloreTM character (PS3) - 476 folk4

Wanted: Designs for a new FolkloreTM character (PS3)

Online competition winner will see their design become an in-game character for the supernatural PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3TM) thriller

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Wanted: Designs for a new FolkloreTM charactero We’re looking for a new inhabitant for the Netherworld ? will you be its creator?

o Legendary Executive Producer Okamoto-San to sit on Game Republic judging panel

o Enter your design at before 22nd October to enter

If you’re an imaginative gamer with a taste for the otherworldly then Folklore on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3?) is for you. The skilfully-woven tapestry of colourful landscapes and characters, gripping supernatural storyline and intuitive, motion-sensitive gameplay takes place in the mysterious Netherworld ? a supernatural realm populated by Folks whose powers must be captured and harnessed in order to survive. There are over 100 Folk, each with their own unique personalities and individual style of combat ? and now we want gamers to provide one more.

That’s right ? we’re looking for one more Folk to inhabit the Netherworld, and we’re running an online competition to find the budding artist who can design the character. If you can conceive of a supernatural creature worthy of sitting alongside the gelatinous Agar Agar, the spike-furred Bugaboo, the boulder-bodied Spriggan or the cavern-mouthed Fomoire, we want you to send us your design. Full entry details can be found at The winning design will be turned into a real, in-game Folk by developers Game Republic ? and will be downloadable from the PLAYSTATION®Store.

Entries will be judged by a panel from Japan’s Game Republic studios that will include Yoshiki Okamoto, a.k.a. Okamoto-San – the iconic Executive Producer of smash hits Resident Evil?, Devil May Cry? and Genji?. The competition will run from September 28th to October 22nd ? so get busy designing.

To see more of Folklore, head to PLAYSTATION®Network now to download the new playable demo that will provide the clearest indication yet of the adventures waiting for characters Ellen and Keats as they search for answers to a 17 year old mystery in the village of Doolin and the Netherworld beyond.

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