Rugby 08 Review (PS2)

by September 10th, 2007

Carry the Dreams of a Nation…and an egg-shaped Ball

Rugby: A game played by hard men with odd-shaped balls! I am not sure that is the definition of the sport that appears in the Oxford dictionary, but it sure makes a good intro to a video games review.
Rugby seems to be a sport that is not particularly high on the list of priorities for EA. While the sport of football (or Soccer as it’s know in some places) has had FIFA 06, FIFA road to the World cup, FIFA world cup 06,FIFA 07, UEFA Champions league 2006-2007, and FIFA 08 at the end of September 07, Rugger had Rugby 06 and now Rugby 08. Jeez, even Madden NFL has had an 06,07 and an 08 and this is in the UK.

So you may be asking what has prompted EA to go egg chasing again?
That will be the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Yep EA have the licence for this years Rugby World Cup including all the squads (even though a few do seem to be a little out of date), and all the stadiums that this competition will take place in. So it’s off to France to carry the dreams of your nation of birth.

challenge mode and allows you to replay classic scenarios from previous world cups

Ok, so since it’s been a year or 2 since the last EA Rugby game you would presume there are some major changes in both graphics and gameplay. Personally I was slightly disappointed as the graphics while crisp, are not that much different from 06, in fact they are starting to show their age- this game needed a next gen release. But all credit to EA for sticking with the old PS2.

Gameplay also is pretty much the same as 06, but some things like line-outs have been simplified and are now more satisfying to pull off. This time round you can actually drive your scrum in a particular angle up field?if you see fit.
Don’t worry if you didn’t play 06 or are a newbie to this noble sport, there is a quick tutorial at the start that will go through the basics and have you playing like a pro in no time.
As for game modes, as well as competing in the rugby world cup, EA has included a feature it tried out in UEFA champions league 2006-2007. This is called a challenge mode and allows you to replay classic scenarios from previous world cups. You are given 3 objectives to complete and is loads of fun (even though some objectives seem pretty pointless).

Rugby 08This game is certainly an improvement on Rugby 06- but compared to EA`s other big franchises, the presentation seems a little lacking an a bit lazy, considering the time between this and 06 being released- too little too late? Possibly, and the lack of online multiplayer in this day and age is just criminal.

The Good: Easy to pick up and play,fully liciened Rugby World Cup 2007, Sweet Line-outs.
The Bad: No online Multiplyer, similar to Rugby 06,passing not always instant.

Rugby 08 Rugby 08 Rugby 08 Rugby 08 

Bronze Y AwardBronze Y Award
3.5 3.5 / 5
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