NHL 2K7 Review (PS3)

by September 3rd, 2007

Game On!

The blurb on the box calls NHL 2K7 ?The Premier NHL game for the Playstation 3?
And to be fair, they are not wrong. Since this is the ONLY NHL game on PS3. This will change however when EA throw thier hat into the PS3 ice hockey ring(or should that be rink!). So currently . 2K rule the ice!
Like NBA 2k7, the graphics are better than the 360 version?but unlike NBA, only just!

you know it’s not totally realistic, but you just don’t care because you are having too much damn fun.

So why to buy this over the excellent 360 version, well the only difference, apart from the slightly better graphics, has to be the use of the sixaxis controller, that lets you take over the role of keeper with something the boys (and possibly girls) from 2K call ?Crease Control?. This is actually a lot of fun, if a bit gimmicky. It is also criminally underused.

Personally I preferred the 2k version of Hockey to the EA version for 2007, with the 2K version being more arcadey, kinda like EA being Gran Tourismo & 2K being Burnout?you know it’s not totally realistic, but you just don’t care because you are having too much damn fun.

If you haven’t played the 360 version, then this is what you need to know: The skating absolutely rocks? animation is second to none and is fast and furious. Like all NHL games it’s mega hard to actually score a goal, but when you finally get that puck to nestle into the ever sooo small goal, it makes life worth living again! Like all sports titles, the single player experience is never as good as playing against a ?real? person, so, as expected, both split screen and multiplayer the old PSN are fun & lag free.

NHL 2K7Before we go, I think I should mention the sound, because it is both good & bad?the good being the music: the soundtrack is by Sub Pop- the dudes who gave us Nirvana & mudhoney- so its grunge all the way, which suits the game.( as did the R & B soundtrack that accompanied NBA 2k7!) The bad is the surreal sound option that lets you lose the commentary and replace it with something 2K call Cinemotion?which is an orchestral score much like a movie that is most inappropriate, and really gets on your nerves after about 10 seconds.

The Good: The best looking NHL game ever.Interesting use of sixaxis controller.
The Bad: Cinemotion score.Still too hard to score a goal.

NHL 2K7 NHL 2K7 NHL 2K7 NHL 2K7 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5
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