Guitar Hero 2 Review (PS2)

by August 15th, 2007

Time to “Rock n Roll all nite & party every day”…Again!

If ever there was a game that’s proved that video games & rock n roll go hand in hand, then this is the one!

Rock Hard Brothers & Sisters!

In case you do not know, the thing that set the original Guitar Hero apart from the other rhythm music games out there was one killer addition- the guitar shaped controller- strap this baby round your neck- and even they non musical geeks could be rock stars posing in front of the tv-making the mad axe man pose-making this the ultimate rock n roll party game.

The people at Activision could see how awesome this was and snapped up the franchise after the premier outing. So is this like the difficult second CD- hell no? this rocks even more than the first one!

Better songs (including Strutter by KISS, Shout at the Devil by Motley Crue, Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana as well as the classics Freebird by Lynard Skynnard & everyone’s fave Sweet Child of Mine by G n R). Its not just the new songs that make this essential even if you own the original Guitar Hero, nope this time we also have the option for a second player (Band Member!) to play along doing either the rhythm
or bass parts to the song. They have even added a couple of songs featuring killer Bass lines to make even the Bass player look cool- try John The Fisherman by Primus or yyz by Rush and suddenly that 4 stringed axe looks pretty sweet.

Another new addition this time round is a well needed tuition/ practice option that lets you play the songs at slower speeds so you look like Jimmy Page when your mates come round, and not the dude outta bad news!

Guitar Hero 2The only thing that will be cooler than this, is the proposed xbox 360 version with a cordless ?explorer? shaped controller- Rock Hard Brothers & Sisters!

The Good: Awsome songs, 2 player thrills & some well needed tuition- Rock stardom beckons!
The Bad: Just like playing real guitar- it hurts your fingers with extended play

Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5
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