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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Review (DS) - 181 i 11724

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Review (DS)

You Gotta Catch em All!!!….

POKEMON is a franchise that has become a phenomenon over the last decade. I can’t think of a single person in this whole world who has’nt heard about Pokemon!!! And now much to the delight of Pokemaniacs around the world , Nintendo has finally brought two propper Pokemon games to the DS, in Diamond and Pearl. I have no doubt that millions of gamers are going to buy one of these games no matter what the critical word will be.

It is really addictive and has enough action packed in it to keep you busy for looong time.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl stick to the same story line as any other Pokemon game. You start off your journey as a aspiring Pokemon Trainer in the Sinnoh Region. From here onwards your quest to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer begins. On your jouney you will battle plenty of wild Pokemon and other Pokemon Trainers like yourself, as well as face of with eight Pokemon Gym Leaders spread accross Sinnoh. Instead of the notoriuos Team Rocket, this time around we have Team Galactic, a new Pokemon obsessed organization for you to take care of.
The gameplay is extremely addictive and can keep you hooked on to your DS for a long time. I myself have spent nearly 60 hours in the game and am still hungry for more.

The presentation of the game has been improved to take advantage of the DS engine. Though the game is mostly presented in 2D, there’s improved detail to the 2D, to start with, the colors are vibrant, you’ll notice lots of nice polygon touches throughout the game, for example the buildings and trees are presented in 3D.

There is also touch screen support in the game. The battle is now handeled through some user friendly buttons on the lower screen. A new gadget has been introduced in this game called the Pokemon Watch or Poketch. It turns out to be quite a handy gadget because in addition to telling time you can install a number of applications on your Poketch. It can act as a calculator, a memo pad , a step counter, item finder and more.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl What’s new and welcomed in the Pokemon franchise is the Nintendo Wi-Fi support. In the earlier versions of the game , battling and trading where restricted to local areas using link cable or GBA wireless adapter. But now through Wi-Fi connection you can trade, battle and even chat with other players over the internet. However there is a catch to this, you can chat with players only if you have their friends code registered. But, you can still battle and trade with other people through a local Wi-Fi connection.

In the end Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are great games. There is virtually no difference between the two versions of the game. It is really addictive and has enough action packed in it to keep you busy for looong time. A must have for Pokemon fans. Certainly a very well rounded and enjoyable game.

The Good: Lengthy and addictive story, improved graphics, online play, more than 100 new pokemon
The Bad: very similar to the earlier versions of the game, online gameplay has some issues

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Pokemon Diamond/Pearl 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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