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Crackdown Review (360) - 173 5186D3313CL. SS400

Crackdown Review (360)

Riot Act!!!!!

Crackdown, a game whose development was led by Dave Jones (the creator of Grand Theft Auto), is an open world action game where you take on the roll of a super human agent who must beat up bosses and level up his skills.

Crackdown has some of the most satisfying, beautiful and destructive looking explosions I have seen in any game

You are part of a covert syndicate of law enforcement organizations called The Agency. The Agency is trying to rid pacific city of the 3 crime organizations. Pacific city is broken into three crime syndicates – ‘Los Muertos’ , ‘Volk’ and ‘shai-gen’. The game is open and allows you to play in any way you want. You can take on the hardest guys first or the easiest guys first!!. As such there is no real story driving the game.

In crackdown you can level up all parts of your character, The Agent. These power ups are broken down into five skills:
Agility-the ability to jump
Strength-the ability to pick up and throw stuff

The 22 boss battles in this game are, unfortunately very similar, and quickly get repetitive and boring.

There are three difficulty levels- Tough ,Ruthless and Psychotic.

The cell shaded style of graphics look cool but the best part is the explosions. Crackdown has some of the most satisfying, beautiful and destructive looking explosions I have seen in any game.

The controls of the game are pretty good, but the part that disappoints me the most is driving. Driving in crackdown has a weird feel to it.

Overall crackdown is a really fun and addictive game. Its all about collecting orbs and exploring because as I have mentioned, the boss battles can be a bit boring, but if you have a friend along with you it becomes extremely fun to play this game.

If you like playing online crackdown is really going to satisfy your needs. You can play in co-op mode, where you can play with another person through system link or via live. The other player can jump in the action at any time as well as leave the game any time.

Crackdown is a really addictive game. I gave it a solid 8 and recommend it to people who like action and GTA style games.

The Good: Cool cell shaded graphics with some great looking explosions,jumping through rooftops is fun and addictive,co-op play is enjoyable
The Bad: Boss battles becomes boring and repetitive,driving is lame and boring,bad audio,limited multiplayer support

Crackdown Crackdown Crackdown Crackdown Crackdown 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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