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Spiderman 3 Review (PC) - 122 Spider Man 3

Spiderman 3 Review (PC)

Return of your “friendly neighbourhood spiderman”

The game loosely based on the film, centred around free roaming crime fighting action. The game, like Spiderman 2, is not based entirely on the film though, and has missions involving fighting local gangs and disarming several bombs etc? The plot is very loose and somewhat weak, as it has multiple storylines running at the same time.

As I mentioned the game is based around swinging around the city fighting various crimes, this is done in a variety of ways but still seems quite samey in places. Plots range from saving innocent people from being drowned by gang members, to photographing a UFO, and everything in between.

The controls quite simple, but can become complex as Spiderman learns more advanced moves (such as the ‘ROFL copter’, had to laugh). The camera angles can become very disorientating at times, such as spinning around when climbing to the top of a building, I have fallen off several buildings due to this and it can really distract you.

As in the film, the game contains two versions of Spiderman, red suited and black suited, the latter being much faster and more powerful.

One of the more innovative new concepts of the game is a certain button combination that must be pressed in certain situations, like escaping flying debris and finishing off a boss. This concept is one of the more original elements of the game, but can again become complicated as the game progresses. This became very annoying during the fight against kingpin, as I lost most of my health whilst fighting him, and when I finally did manage to beat down his health, I didn’t hit the combo quick enough and as a result, lost the little life I had left and had to fight him all over again.

AsSpiderman 3 in the film, the game contains two versions of Spiderman, red suited and black suited, the latter being much faster and more powerful. You also get to play as the new green goblin during the final fight, but in my opinion this character is heavily under used. The black and red suited Spidermen can be unlocked as playable characters by completing the game, and if you are lucky or rich enough to own a PS3 and the collector’s edition of the game, you can also unlock the new green goblin as a permanently playable character. Rumours of more unlockable characters becoming available on Xbox Live and the playstation equivalent are circulating across the internet though.

The voice acting in the game feels as if it lacks enthusiasm, and never really seems to be the actor’s full effort. The game also lacks a multiplayer element, which would be a nice touch in a game like this.

Overall, this game is enjoyable, if slightly infantile, and will give anyone interested in the films or cartoons/comics a good few hours of enjoyment. The game lacks a lot of action after completion though, with only the odd crime popping up here and there. This game is no grand theft auto, but it is worth a play

The Good: free roaming around a realistic new york.
enjoyable gameplay.
fun for all the family.
The Bad: awkward camera angles.
un-enthusiastic voice acting.
annoying as heck button combos.
not enough unlockable characters.

Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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