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Medieval II: Total War Expands Its Kingdom (PC) - 115 mtw2k 02

Medieval II: Total War Expands Its Kingdom (PC)

Medieval II: Total War? Kingdoms, the expansion pack for one of 2006’s biggest PC strategy games, Medieval II: Total War. Due for release on PC in Autumn 2007, Kingdoms will offer an unprecedented amount of new content that gives gamers over 75 hours of epic new gameplay.

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Medieval II: Total War Expands Its KingdomAward winning game Medieval 2 Total War(MTW2) Strategy game is getting an expansion already! Though MTW2 was just released last fall they have already announced that in the fall of ’07 we will be given the gift of an expansion. What more could they possibly add to this game that gives everyone that is a power monger an adrenaline rush along with the beautiful graphic eye candy? Well how about 150 new units, 23 new factions, and four new campaigns! Along with the idea of hero units! The four new campaigns will be: The Tuetonic Campaign, The America’s Campaign, The Britannia Campaign, and the Crusades Campaign(which will add a twist to the current games ability to call crusades or jihads) and the new heroes system will allow you to control significant figures in World History. Sitting here blathering on about how magnificent this expansion does not do justice, so take a look at the trailer at Trailer. Let us all hope that this new expansion does not flop and ruin this already glorious game.

Thanks to Sultor for this news!

-Official Press Release-
Medieval II: Total War? Kingdoms will feature 4 brand new campaigns, including an opportunity to more fully explore The New World that was unlocked toward the end of Medieval II. In the Americas campaign, players will be able to retrace the steps of Hernán Cortés in 1519, as he seeks to explore and conquer The New World. Players can earn the support of Spain and explore the mystery and riches of the New World, or take control of the Aztec or Native American factions and call on the Gods and the bravery of vast armies to see off this new threat.

Three other campaigns will offer more detailed ?magnifying glass? campaigns within Great Britain, Northern Europe and the Holy Land, with many more regions than were originally shown in Medieval II. Featuring 13 new playable factions and over 150 new units, Kingdoms will allow players to control thousands of men on a single battlefield and lead them into conflict with new hero characters such as Richard The Lionheart and Saladin, each armed with new, powerful battlefield abilities. In addition, players will use moated forts to garrison vast armies or seize control of key strategic points and explore new technology trees, governed by religion and prestige.

Players can experience a bloody clash between pagans and Christians in the Northern European Teutonic Wars, or take control of one of 5 factions in the Britannia campaign when England faces war on 4 fronts as once conquered lands rise up against them. Kingdoms will also include a new expanded Crusades campaign, where players renew their fight for control of the Holy Lands, with new factions, devastating new units (such as the terrifying Greek Flame Thrower), legendary heroes and powerful holy relics.

“With Medieval II: Total War we offered unrivalled scope of warfare, both on and off the field of battle, as you conquered the known world? commented George Fidler, Studio Director, The Creative Assembly Australia, ?Now with ‘Kingdoms’ we’re looking to offer unrivalled richness and detail with four completely new campaigns, each offering its own unique features, challenges and flavour of Total War.?

Kingdoms will also include six new multiplayer scenarios, and 20 new Custom Battle battle maps. Each of the campaigns is also fully compatible with a brand new Hotseat multiplayer mode, making this an essential addition to any Total War fans’ collection.

Medieval II: Total War? Kingdoms will be released for PC in autumn 2007. For more information please go to

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