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More on Dawn of Magic (PC) - 106 shot 0004

More on Dawn of Magic (PC)

Deep Silver today announces details concerning the trade and inventory system in the eagerly anticipated action-RPG Dawn of Magic.

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More on Dawn of MagicIn Dawn of Magic, both during trade and in the Inventory screen, items can be sorted by category (e.g. weapons, armor or runes). This saves wasting time by rotating and moving items, and makes playing the game much easier. Each character possesses a certain weight limit, and if it is exceeded, the movement speed is greatly reduced. The limit varies according to the basic character you begin with, but can be increased as you progress through the game. Players who can’t bring themselves to part with their “beloved” axe, for example, can summon a trading genie in Dawn of Magic. This old man lets players sell unneeded weapons, armor and other items even in the wilderness or a dungeon, “pawn” items for the time being or stock up on life potions.

He has room for a total of 100 (sometimes stackable) items in his crate that you can demand to have returned to you at any time. In this way, you can store good weapons that can’t be used yet owing to high level requirements, and use them later.

Dawn of Magic is scheduled to be released on 27 April 2007.

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