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Dave Mirra BMX - Trailer (PSP) - 101 2006 08 01.02 23 39 399

Dave Mirra BMX – Trailer (PSP)

Hailed the “Miracle Man” of BMX and leading the BMX freestyle scene, Dave Mirra is universally acclaimed as the greatest at what he does. Mirra has dominated the competition arena for over a decade and has achieved the most gold medals of any X Games competitor.

Tortuga - Two Treasures Tortuga - Two Treasures Tortuga - Two Treasures Tortuga - Two Treasures Tortuga - Two Treasures 

Dave Mirra BMX - TrailerTrailer

Now the King of BMX is back and ready to get back into the action sports gaming spotlight once again, only this time on the PSP system! It has been some time since the release of a licensed BMX game, and Oxygen Games is thrilled to be launching this first to format title for the PSP system in the UK in May 2007.

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