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A Redefining Moment - Come meet the Critters (DS) - 44 m 000284

A Redefining Moment – Come meet the Critters (DS)

Flipper Critters is set to redefine the entire pinball genre ? and create the fastest, funniest, the most colourful and exciting game yet to reach the Nintendo DS and within this genre…

Prey Prey Prey Prey Prey 

A Redefining Moment - Come meet the CrittersThe entire Flipper Critters pinball experience is set in a rich and engaging fantasy world, complete with strange characters, perilous quests and a host of challenging arcade mini-games. Utilising the full potential of both screens, Flipper Critters shows off every angle and aspect of the vibrant, cartoon world!

Instead of confining the action to a standard pinball table, all of the fast-flipping action in Flipper Critters takes place in a variety of landscapes, locations and areas, from town squares and mountain valleys through to towering castles and even the surface of the moon! All the most famous and favourite pinball features are still there, including ramps, sinkholes, bumpers, jackpots, gates and goals ? though not as you know them.

But that’s not all. Flipper Critters also features a wide range of mini-games which challenge players to master a variety of new skills and make use of all aspects of the Nintendo DS, including the control pad, the touch screen. Players can access different mini games and travel to different areas of the map from the pinball tables within the game. The mini games and areas can be accessed in any order, making the game different for each player and each gameplay session.

Throughout the game, players will encounter and receive help from some of Flipper Critters’ peculiar inhabitants. Characters can offer help, cast spells or offer the player quests and challenges to undertake to help them reach new areas of the map.

Features include:

Both display screens in full 3D ? a first!!

A feast of missions and objectives that help to advance the story.

A high degree of freedom in deciding what missions to do next and where to travel, making each game a different experience from the last.

A mesmeric three-dimensional, cartoon-like world.

Villages, mountain tops and even the surface of the moon become pinball tables.

Fast paced arcade action.

Fabulous sound and music.

State-of-the-art ball physics, giving fast and responsive control.
Release date: March 15th
Price: 24:99

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