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World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade 1st day sales! (PC) - big y

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade 1st day sales! (PC)

WoW, that is what I say, World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade sales figures in the first day of release are really quite staggering!

YARSDay-one sales totals on both continents were similar, with an estimated total of nearly 1.2 million copies sold on the first day in North America and an estimated total of more than 1.1 million copies sold in Europe within the first 24 hours of launch.* By the end of the first day of availability on both continents, a total of more than 1.7 million players had already logged in and upgraded World of Warcraft to play The Burning Crusade.

?The Burning Crusade has already exceeded even our most ambitious expectations,? said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. ?We?re pleased that so many players are eager to see all of the new content that the expansion has to offer, and we look forward to seeing everyone online as additional players continue to upgrade in the days ahead.?

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