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Burner: Black FalconTM for the PSP (PSP)

YARSAfter Burner: Black Falcon? is the first arcade-style flight combat title for the PSP, combining intensive air combat with explosive gameplay, whilst allowing players to relive the experience of the classic After Burner arcade game. In addition to the in-depth customisation of 19 officially licensed military planes, players can fly solo in a story-rich single-player campaign or compete against friends in a whole host of multiplayer modes.

Players will be able to battle through an in-depth storyline where 13 top-secret fighter planes have been stolen by an underground mercenary organisation known only as Black Falcon. Utilising an assortment of hi-tech licensed planes and explosive weapons, players must recover the jets by engaging in high-speed aerial combat as they dogfight their way through dangerous terrain.

?After Burner: Black Falcon? is a good example of updating one of the all time SEGA classics for the current generation of gamers?, commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director, SEGA Europe, Ltd. ?Its fast paced, challenging gameplay, combined with amazing visuals and superb multiplayer options make it a great addition to the PSP?.

?As huge fans of the original After Burner, we are delighted to re-imagine this classic arcade franchise,? said Bob Stevenson, CEO, Planet Moon Studios. ?Building After Burner: Black Falcon from the ground-up enables us to craft the game with PSP features in mind with all-new multiplayer modes, customisable jets and over-the-top gameplay. Most importantly, it?s approximately 9000% more portable than the original arcade cabinet.?

After Burner: Black Falcon? takes flight with intense arcade-style air combat where gamers fly at maximum speeds using high-powered weapons to destroy land and air-based enemies. With a wide ion of customisation options, players can arm each military jet with an array of weapons, design aircraft and improve performance by installing a variety of engine components for faster, more manoeuvrable fighter planes. Weapons and aircraft can also be acquired in the heroic quest to help players defeat squadrons of enemies and menacing bosses.

Numerous multiplayer challenges are available in both competitive and co-op modes and players can challenge others via wifi in a variety of ways, or choose to work with another ace pilot to achieve testing co-op goals.

Head for the danger zone in Spring 2007 and keep sights locked on After Burner: Black Falcon?.

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