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Devastro by Catnap Games (PC)

YARSOn January 22nd 2007 Catnap Games computer entertainment studio releases Devastro – a computer game for both Mac and PC platforms.

Devastro is a swift action-packed game for people preferring compact and dense playing experience over countless hours spent ?living? inside MMORPGs. With the player controlling a small squad of soldiers, the goal of the game is to protect Earth from an alien invasion of flying saucers and their numerous and hostile inhabitants. The theme of the game draws inspiration from 50s sci-fi B-movies such as ?Earth vs. the Flying Saucers? and ?Forbidden Planet?.

The game is to be distributed online as shareware a small portion of the game will be released as a free download for anyone to try out. After purchasing the full version players will gain access to the main bulk of the content. This kind of distribution has been successfully employed by many computer game producers ever since the legendary Doom shareware release.

Established in mid-2006, Catnap Games is the game making moniker of Tomas Andrle, the sole developer behind the project. Even though he doesn?t have any formal education in making games nor other multi-media content creation, he sounds unaffected: ?I?m not an expert on games, I just make them and play some from time to time,? he says.

Contemporary game development is ? not unlike film-making ? divided into very specialized job positions, but all the the elements of Devastro were created by Andrle himself. Such versatility is very uncommon, however Andrle claims it gives him complete creative freedom and room for experimentation and makes the game a solid, self-contained piece both technically and artistically. A sole exception to the rule is the music composed by Martin Hula, former member of the Czech award-winning band Ememvoodoopk.

From 1/22/2007 the game will be available at:

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