Fable: The Lost Chapters Review (PC)

Great for the adventurous gamer

Fable is an outstanding role-playing game which puts the main player into the land of Albion.

As a young boy you get the first taste of how your actions can affect the world and people around you. Throughout the game you will encounter strange places, people and creatures as well as hundreds of mini quests you can take while you’re not doing the main quest.

You’re given numerous decisions to make, whether your character is a good or evil person, your sexuality, appearance, armour, weaponry as well as others.

Although the combat may seem repetitive and sluggish the whole battle sequence can be quickened with a large list of skills you can learn throughout the game, you can choose between physical, attack, protection and will (mana) skills which determine how people react to you and how your character plays like as different skills deal more damage to different enemies.

Overall this is a great game for those who like role-playing games and for those who want to try out a different game genre. The Graphics and gameplay are amazing and although the sound can be repetitive it is still of the highest quality.

The Good: Beautiful, lively and adapting world, outstanding role-playing system.
The Bad: Main story and quests are too short and single sighted.

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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