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Magic The Gathering: Duals of the Planes Walkers Review (360) - 898 MG3

Magic The Gathering: Duals of the Planes Walkers Review (360)

Arcade Magic For those in the know, Magic the Gathering has been one of the forerunners in the Collectible Card Game genre for years. Fans of the game and the genre will be pleased to see that it has been released on Xbox Arcade, allowing them to play without spending a fortune building a deck …

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Plants vs Zombies Review (PC) - 710 pvz5

Plants vs Zombies Review (PC)

Plants against Zombies…who will win? Over the past couple of years, PopCap have transformed themselves from Bejewled peddling no-bodies to one of the leading developers of the casual gaming phenomenon. They have revolutionised themselves with several outstanding hits such as Peggle, Bookworm, and now Plants vs. Zombies. PvZ is the latest of an undeniably outstanding …

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The Political Machine 2008 Review (PC) - default

The Political Machine 2008 Review (PC)

A fun and interesting look at American politics The Political Machine 2008 is a strategy game allowing the player to run a presidential campaign, forcing them to pander and electioneer with the best of them. Using such diverse elements as campaign headquarters, TV appearances, and speeches, the player travels frantically around the country in an …

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PixelJunk Monsters Review (PS3, PSN) - 353 WS000011

PixelJunk Monsters Review (PS3, PSN)

Your base is under attack (Playstation Network Title) Price: 3.49Players: 1-2 (co-op)Wifi: Leaderboards onlyValue for money: 10/10 What’s that coming over the hill?Pixel Junk Monsters is a fast-pased-action-defence-tower-building-game! (Phew… try saying that 3 times fast). This beautiful “cartoon-seeming” game is packed full of all kinds of monster obliterating action for you and your co-op playing …

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