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Well, after 4 years lurking in the darkest corners of YARS, it's probably about time I updated this profile. I'm Ben, one of the senior editors here, and outside of scribbling on here, editing and finding pwetty pics to put in reviews, I'm studying 'Game Cultures' at uni. That's...that's game development in simpler terms, I don't spend my time analysing pixelated toes to determine whether they're 'art' or not. Anyway, I generally write to either save people money on utter crud or at least make them smile in some wry way with my bitterness and general disdain. If you're not laughing with me, you're laughing at me, and hey, that's progress in my books. :)

Early permission to die in ‘Dark souls 2’ granted with beta access

Head on over to the Playstation Network to gain access to the Beta of Dark Souls 2…or click this absurd link here…!/en-gb/games/dark-souls-ii-closed-beta-registration-ticket/cid=EP0700-BLET50006_00-SE00010000000000 The first Beta round for North America and Europe/Australasia will begin on 12th…

See the zombie apocalypse from a different perspective with ‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’

Those cryptic Vine gifs Telltale has been putting up have all lead up to this. A new episode for ‘The Walking Dead’ entitled ‘400 Days’ Leading publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman,…