These Tools Will Change How You Buy Prescription Glasses

2020 has changed everybody’s way of life. It has made us rethink where we go, how often we go out, and what we touch. In an effort to ramp up health and safety, we have been switching to digital whenever possible. Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you have recently been prescribed glasses by your ophthalmologist and you’re looking to get a new pair of glasses. When it comes to buying glasses, you may feel worrisome about going to an optician and trying on tens of frames, which may also have been tried on by other people. Fortunately, online retailers like offer solutions to this problem, with the help of advanced technological tools. Read on to learn how you can safely try on and choose from more than thousands of pairs of stylish eyeglass frames at the comfort of your home

At, you have at your disposal, two technologically advanced tools that will make eyewear shopping super-easy, straightforward and satisfactory. The best part about shopping there isn’t just the convenience of having these tools at hand. After you place an order at SmartBuyGlasses, an optical council registered optician will get in touch with you to ensure utmost comfort and prescription accuracy of your new glasses, giving you confidence that your purchase is errorproof.

The Virtual Try-On, a virtual mirror

SmartBuyGlasses use a 3D virtual try-on feature on their website. This augmented reality technology can render true-to-life images of yourself wearing over 10,000 designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in real-time! In order to use this feature, visit their virtual try-on page, take a selfie video of yourself, turning your head to the left and right by using your phone or webcam. This is what the software uses to determine your face shape and recommend the most suitable eyewear shapes for you. And that’s it, you get a selfie view for every pair you see on the page. You can even share these selfies with your family & friends and get their feedback before you add anything to your cart. With this highly realistic try-on feature, SmartBuyGlasses’ wide assortment of products, and best price guarantee, you are relieved of the stress of making up your mind from limited options and paying way extra at a physical store. It’s the safest, socially-distanced way to try before you buy your glasses.

If you need help with any part of the process or have any questions concerning your eye health, you can ask their optician and get a response within 24 hours. And you’re all set! Shop SmartBuyGlasses carry more than 180 designer eyewear brands, including high-quality affordable brands just for £6 frames. You can choose from more than 80,000 pairs of sunglasses and glasses for the best price online at SmartBuyGlasses. With their in-house tools, there’s no more guesswork in buying glasses online.

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