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Resident Evil: Revelations Review (3DS)

Some revelations are best left in the dark

Resident Evil Revelations comes at a great time. This game released at a time when the 3DS really didn’t have much else to compete with it, so it ends up being a better game in peoples mind than it actually is. While it is fun, as a major fan of the series I found it to also be very annoying . There is something to be said for the fact that I finished it though. It wasn’t a horrible game by any means; it just fell short of its projected expectations.

This is a strong game in the series

Hailed as a throwback to the early days of survival horror, RE:Rev mostly takes place on the SS Queen Zenobia. This is an abandoned ship out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that has many dark corridors and mansion-like rooms for Jill and her partner Parker to wander through. This game instantly invokes a sense of nostalgia as you walk through the rooms of the ship, but the zombies of old are gone. Replacing them instead is a new ocean inspired creatures known as Ooze. These transforming liquid creatures can come out of almost anywhere, giving the game a small sense of dread as you wander around. Resident Evil: RevelationsLike so many Capcom games, the gameplay really comes first here, with story line taking a major back seat. RE:Rev is a fun, competent game that kept me playing until the very end. However, it had one very gapping issue, the story line. The first few hours were fun and enjoyable, bringing me back to the days of Resident Evil 1, but then it quickly pulled me back in to RE5 hell. As soon as the story shifted gears to Chris, I lost all hope that the game was going to live up to my expectations. The linear game play of the side missions becomes more action than survival and once you realize that this takes up a large portion of the game, it deflates the experience. On top of all this, the new tool “Genesis”, completely kills the survival horror aspect. Now able to scan a room for items, I found myself with an abundance of ammo and health and made it through the game without dying. The story is told through an episodic mission set up much like Alan Wake. I didn’t really have an opinion on this until I realized I hated having to skip through “previously on Resident evil.” It felt a little contrived at times, and more of a gimmick than an actual game play mechanic. For me, it didn’t work in Alan Wake and it doesn’t really work here. Throughout the game, you take the role of one three different people, with Jill being your main character. This is something else that kind of got on my nerves. You’d get into some serious survival horror, and then be forced to completely change gears and run through the snow on a ridiculous side mission. At this point the story quickly becomes convoluted and bogged down with stupid “revelations” that seemed to have little relevance to the main Resident Evil story line. Resident Evil: RevelationsThe controls for this game aren’t implemented as well as they could be. I found myself healing at times when I didn’t need it, or using grenades by accident. This becomes incredibly annoying when you are trying to conserve for survival. There is also the option of using the circle pad, but I must admit that I never felt the need to try it. The vanilla controls were tight and responsive, however I didn’t like the button lay out. Like RE4 and 5 you have to stop and shoot, but if you are used to the other games mentioned, then it’s not really an issue. The enemies are slow enough to make sure you’re not over whelmed that often, but fast enough to keep you on your toes. The graphics for RE:Rev were the best I’ve seen so far for the 3DS. This game looks like a tight and polished Gamecube/early Wii game. The lighting effects used to create the atmosphere are well done, adding to that immersive feeling that survival horror games need. The enemies are interesting and diverse enough that I didn’t grow bored with them and the levels are all pretty unique looking. The sound in the game is pretty good as the developers really captured the cramped, creepy sounds of the Zenobia. The creaking and the popping of the ship really pulled me into the moment and putting on headphones added a great deal to experience. The monsters came to life with their strange moans and shuffling feet. Sadly, even playing this at night with headphones didn’t make it scary. This just isn’t that game anymore. While it does a few things well and a few others really well, all in all, RE:Rev is only truly great in one aspect: It’s release date timing. If this had come out in a time with more great 3DS games, it really wouldn’t hold up. The game play is fun, but it’s not truly survival horror any longer. This is a strong game in the series, maybe one of the strongest in a while, but it’s just not that great. If you own a 3DS, you may want to pick this one up, but I’d suggest renting it if you can.

The Good: Solid gameplay, a step in the right direction,
The Bad: Awful story, Survival horror is gone,

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