Everything, By Everyone-A chance to help out (ARTICLES)

Kids, school is important for two things. Lunch and Newgrounds.

Everything, By Everyone-A chance to help outNo matter what shining example of a pupil you were, it’s guaranteed that Newgrounds is the first place a bored kid would head to when a teacher was nattering on in the other direction. A site filled with movies and games fuelled by the imagination of millions, it’s hard to believe it didn’t slip under the radar considering its origin, spawning forth from the mind of only one man, Tom Fulp, the mind behind Castle Crashers.

Now, after being the domain for slackers worldwide, Nathan Karuna is single handily documenting the evolution of not only Newgrounds has a user generated platform, but the future of online entertainment as a whole in Everything, By Everyone

Speaking to a range of industry experts, along with gathering thoughts and opinions of renown flash animators and programmers alike, the whole documentary is looking to be an interesting and insightful look into the history of online entertainment and the future of online gaming.

The project is being put together by Nathan’s vigilant work and constant trekking of the States, and understandably could use some help with cash for the production, so has dedicated a Kickstarter page to let anyone interested in the project provide a donation. Although the target that needs to be raised is high, every little really could help, and anything people can spare looks like it will definitely be put to good use.

To show you truly have a heart of platinum and hand over some pixelated cash, head on over to www.kickstarter.com/projects/1280641291/everything-by-everyone-a-film-about-online-creativ

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