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Editor Profile - MrTMrT

Editor profiles eh? Well I suppose I’ve got some time in my busy schedule…

Well, I’m Jamie and I’m a 27 year old guy living in sunny Scotland, Edinburgh to be precise.

I’ve been playing games for too long, from the BBC micro to where we are today. I started playing online games when MoH:AA came out and that’s when I joined my first clan.

Since then I’ve been in a number of clans at all levels from newbie to leader. I was also head admin at a Call of Duty league/ladder, which is where I met {Rage} and my boss here at YARS, Daverage.

I’ve been reviewing games for a few years now, amd I’ve also been involved in quite a number of beta tests, both public and closed.

The highlight of my gaming life so far has been working for a year at Rockstar North as a QA tester for GTAIV (Sorry Dave, YARS has to be number 2 on that list..)

If you want to know more, head over to the forums and ask 🙂

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