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Editor Profile - Dave RageDave Rage
Executive Editor.

Well I thought I would start ‘Meet the Editors’ with myself!

I am 30, married and have a daughter.

I have been a keen gamer since I was about 5, when my Dad brought home his first Mac II. I spent ages playing Star Trek with him and was hooked.
That led to a Spectrums, a C64, a PC and god knows how many consoles!

Over the years I have been in and run clans, but never really thought much about getting involved in games past playing them.

Then 2 years ago I decided to try reviewing a game. I liked doing it so much that I thought it may be worth trying to start up a review site, just to see how it went.

As I developed the site, I realised that if people wanted to get reviews published, they had to use user review style sites. This meant that their review would get lumped in with dozens of other reviews, and probably never get seen. I decided that YARS should offer people the chance to get their work published with knowledge that no other reviews of that game will be added to the site.

Here I am 2 years later with a games review website that seems to be doing pretty well, a great team of editors and some fantastic reviewers!

Outside of gaming and my family I am a keen guitarist, train in Jujitsu and develop random web and desktop applications!

Anyway that is me, with luck the other editors will post profiles up pretty soon!

For those interested in such things, here is a link to my Twitter / Posterous RSS Feed (using the wonderful Fuzzy Feeder RSS Merger what I wrote 😀 ) or my plain old Twitter

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